Open your mind to receive your dreams

Open your mind to receive your dreams

Belief constructs our reality

We get into the habit of thinking we know everything and there is nothing new. Life becomes boring, limited and very small. The mind has a very narrow point of view and it is squeezed down to where new thoughts, new opportunities are only trickling in if at all. By having a pinched down existence there is no room for happiness or optimistic points of view. So, whatever you’re thinking – there you are.

If you think life is hard. You’re right! If you think good things are coming and you’re going to be even happier, guess what? You’re right!

How do you change your mind about where your life is going? Open your mind to receive your dreams…

Peaceful mind
Peaceful mind

Has anyone ever told you that you could intentionally open your mind to receive? By having a closed mind, we may have our goodness pinched off. What if dreams and desires were trying to get into your life but you think you already know everything about a subject and block any further information. Are we the ones who’s keeping ourselves so small?

The following information may help: Our subconscious mind has 10,000 times the computing power of the conscious mind. If we are open to receive we often hear from it in the form of intuition. The subconscious mind is connected to the Divine Mind.

 You might be wondering why your life is so small and constricted?

  • Maybe you don’t feel good enough for a bigger robust, exciting life?
  • Maybe you feel you do not deserve more because of things that have happened to you in the past?
  • What if bad things have happened to you in the past does that mean that they will continue to happen?

What would it take to open your mind for even more, to give room for all the goodness to come in? Your past experience in the world is no indication of what the universe has in store for you in a good way and for your highest good. Your past experiences are simply yesterday’s story and you can let them go.

Grocery check out
Grocery check out

I was in the checkout line in the supermarket and there were quite a few people and other lines around me. There was one lady in front of me; I talked to for a little bit and another lady to my right in and express line. As I chatted with the express line lady she told me, “I always get in the wrong line. No matter which line I get into something always happens to slow me down.” I asked her, “have you ever heard of the law of attraction?” She replied that she was very old and that she had probably heard of everything including the law of attraction but at this moment she didn’t remember what it was about. (She didn’t even have a clue that she continued to attract those experiences by the way she thought of them.)

While we exchanged a few words she told me two things about her beliefs:

  1. She believed that she was always in the wrong line
  2. She also believed that she was very old and must know almost everything

While I was not at the front of the line I’m always optimistic about where I am and who I am. I am a person who is divinely guided and the universe is constantly opening doors for me. Another line opened to my left, the lady in front of me was called to that sales counter so I moved up and checked out. As I was leaving the supermarket with my groceries I noticed the two ladies I was talking to, both of them in front of me, were still in the checkout lanes. That’s the way the world works! What you say about your situation becomes law for you.


Can you see from my point of view? My belief is “I am divinely supported by the universe.”

This point of view proves to be true over and over again, I am opening my mind to receive assistance; I am willing to accept everything for my highest good. If things are not exactly happy I don’t moan and groan about it. I simply allow things to be as they are so I don’t have the everyday hassles continuing over and over.

Peaceful mind oneI let it go and I keep my expectations in a positive mode where the universe is an abundant place and it is conspiring to make me happy.

Have we not been told that the universe is richly abundant? Catherine Ponder one of America’s foremost inspired authors says, “Anyone who leads a pinched, narrow existence is not expressing his true nature. He is only cheating himself.”                    By Taylore Vance

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