New Approaches to Natural Health Care

New Approaches to Natural Health Care

What with the mandating of health insurance to bolster the modern health care machine maintaining the average 71-year lifespan should remain the status quo, while in the United States we spend more money on medical expenses than any other nation on the planet. Yet, there is a subversive underground awakening amongst the world populace including the USA that may just skew the statistics in favor of increased longevity.

New Approaches to Natural Health Care massage therapy holistic medicine yoga health insuranceMore and more people are taking notice of circumstances surrounding those who are transitioning from this life into what lies on the other side. Could the many brown (prescription) bottles in the medicine cabinet and/or the nightstand have anything to do with the passing person’s state of health?

Indeed, among this growing number of natural health revolutionaries, there appears to be a general consensus that the medical industry may have more in mind than your being happy, healthy and enjoying the longest, best quality of life on this planet.

Unfortunately, this train of thought leads to thoughts of conspiracy that may (or may not) be founded on explicit unpublicized (or covered up) factual data. Regardless of the conspiracies that may litter the health rumor mill, the fact remains; with all of our scientific knowledge, with the best college and university training of our doctors and health care professionals our mortality rate continues to hover around the worldwide average.

Prescriptions seem to have the intention of treating a particular patient’s complaint or symptom. The prescribed medication may mitigate the present discomfort of the current symptom, but at what cost? While the patient’s complaint is stifled by the interaction with the drug, invariably another symptom (a side effect of the prescribed medication) begins to appear, warranting another visit to a doctor who prescribes another medication to cancel out (or lessen) the new discomfort. This cycle continues ad infinitum until the patient is eeking out their end of days to the tune of upwards to near-twenty prescription medications. Is it any wonder that we are seeking an alternative?

As an alternative to collecting prescriptions the suspicious (more enlightened) individuals are seeking less traditional fringe therapeutic interventions that deal with the holistic whole person (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) in hopes of treating the root cause of the dis-ease rather than just masking a symptom.

New Yoga Approaches to Natural Health CareIn a radical approach to personal health care, the patient eliminates the position of the doctor and assumes all responsibility for his/her own health and well being.

While some therapeutic modalities are becoming more accepted by the medical community (universities and health insurance companies) like, Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture, other options include complimentary and alternative medications (CAM) and spiritual interventions.
Purely physical approaches to wellness include personal fitness and activities with health clubs and fitness centers leading the wave followed by sports, jogging, running, yoga and home gyms.

Many complimentary and alternative medications (CAM) can be obtained over the counter at your local pharmacy, vitamin or health food store. CAM solutions include an herbal or natural supplement or a combination of non-FDA-approved ingredients used as home remedies concocted to address certain health-related complaints. Cannabis-based therapies are increasing to join the CAM category when and where it is legal.

The mind-focused treatments use the power of mind-over-matter led by hypnosis and followed by neuro linguistic programming (NLP), emotional freedom techniques AKA EFT (tapping), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), meditation, coaching and a host of other techniques that are based on pseudo-science. This quasi-scientific approach to healing has helped launch a number of therapeutic devices to aid in the healing process.

The spiritual approach to addressing health-related issues is led by prayer (a well-documented therapeutic model), Reiki, a form of energy healing and psychics.

It all comes down to this:

How do I feel?

What can I do to feel better?

Potential solutions are not that hard to find – even for the most severe maladies – these days. You no longer have to trek through a jungle or climb a mountain to seek out the expert advice of a mystic. Now, potential answers are available in seconds thanks to current information technologies via the Google gateway.

Will you be one of the people taking responsibility for your own health?

If, so, please feel free to share your journey by commenting below:

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