Natural Treatments for Chronic Pain with Spices

Natural Treatments for Chronic Pain with Spices

Not only can herbs be wonderful for helping to treat chronic pain, but many spices do the same thing. These spices are effective and super easy to cook with, so there is no reason not to try them out.

Spices That Help With Chronic Pain


If you love adding cinnamon to your coffee or treats, then you’re in luck because it is wonderful for chronic pain! Cinnamon is one of the more delicious spices that can be used to help with chronic pain, thanks to how it how anti-inflammatory properties. This means not only will it not cause or trigger inflammation and the resulting pain, but it can actually help to reduce inflammation from other sources. It is often recommended to people with Crohn’s or Fibromyalgia, both of which can be worsened with inflammation. The same can be said for people with ulcers or other digestive pain sources.


Ginger is a superfood, so not only is it ideal when you have chronic pain, but it also contains a lot of important nutrients. Now is a great time to start discovering ginger and how it can add more flavor to your dishes while providing loads of health benefits at the same time. Ginger has a bit of a bite, so it is good with your savory dishes like rice, soup, and chili. It is easy to find the fresh ginger root, which you can zest with a regular zester, or you can get it in powdered form. It helps with different types of pain, from migraines to digestive pain.


If you like your food spicy, it is time to start using more cayenne pepper. Chili peppers have excellent health benefits, even though it might seem like they would do harm to your body. But chili peppers have capsaicinoids, a natural compound that provides anti-inflammatory benefits for you. So while you should limit the amount if they cause stomach upset, it is safe to use them as long as you feel okay with the amount of spice.


Just about everyone loves garlic, so this should be easy to add to your diet. Garlic is also an anti-inflammatory spice, adding tons of flavor and the added health benefits. In fact, it is good for you, garlic is also considered a superfood. Add it to your cauliflower rice, season chicken breasts or fish with it, or use garlic to add flavor to your roasted veggies.

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