Natural Non-toxic Magnesium Underarm Deodorant

Natural Non-toxic Magnesium Underarm Deodorant

Folks all over are starting to realize that most deodorants contain toxic chemicals that go right into your body through your lymphatic system. Aluminum is one of them and researchers believe it is one of the poisons leading to the huge increase in early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

As you probably know, your lymph system basically consists of the drainage channels for your body. Waste materials from cells all over your body are drained there so you certainly don’t want to use a deodorant that stops that flow from under your arms.

Colonies of bacteria camp out under your arms to use your secretions as food and their waste material is what cause the underarm odors.

Some years ago, we found if we spray what’s called, “magnesium oil,” under our arms, it keeps the bacteria colonies killed off and there is no odor.

There is actually no oil in it. The high concentration of magnesium in the liquid feels oily to the touch, leaves no residue, and has no scent.

You can spray your underarms with non-toxic healthful promoting magnesium in the morning and reapply if necessary throughout the day. Some people like to spray magnesium all over their whole body to increase absorption, for all the other added benefits of transdermal magnesium.

Women can benefit from applying transdermal magnesium because they are likely to have less magnesium stored in their bodies than men. This can help make up the difference.

How important is it to have normal magnesium levels in your body? Think of it this way, low levels of magnesium in the body could be the most common denominator in the spread of disease and premature aging.

As a welcome side effect, the transdermal magnesium is absorbed through the skin most effectively, which provides accelerated healing virtues.

Following are some of the benefits of taking magnesium supplementation transdermally through the skin:

• Your heart is a muscle complex and your left underarm is close to your heart improving heart performance
• Magnesium is necessary for proper muscle function
Reduces elevated blood pressure
• Reduces bone loss, promotes better bone health
• Decreases risk of type 2 diabetes
• Improves cognitive function
• Promotes healthful sleep patterns
• Reduction of stress and anxiety
• Anti-aging effects shed years of premature aging
• … and so much more …

Magnesium sprayed on is more than 90% absorbed topically, while less than 20% (+/-10%) is absorbed orally

There are dozens of different magnesium oil sprays on the market and I’ve used several different ones. I’m now using one called Sports Mg Spray from the Reiki Ranch Store because it has the herb Arnica added to help alleviate muscle pain and it does seem to penetrate faster.

Anytime I get a cut or a scrape I spray the wound with the sports mg spray before I do a bandage and it seems to heal faster with no scarring. If’s it’s bleeding, it first bleeds more to clean the wound and I continue to spray it every few seconds ‘til it stops, then bandage it. Wounds I treat that way seem to heal quicker.


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