Natural Eczema Treatments

Natural Eczema Treatments

Suffering from eczema means that your skin becomes really dry. This condition can be very itchy and unsightly. Learning to deal with your eczema means discovering what lotions and creams work for you. Your goal is to find a product that helps clear your eczema up quickly without having any side effects. This is why many people are looking for natural eczema treatments.

Every person that has to deal with eczema will have different results. There is no one magic lotion that will help everyone. Until you find the perfect product you will have to experiment with various lotions and creams first.


There are many medicated creams on the market today and some are actually too strong for anyone with sensitive skin. What you need is a natural product that your skin will absorb. Products that work quickly and effectively at restoring your moisture levels are your best bet.

There are many ‘Butter’ type creams on the market today that are known as natural or herbal creams. One of these types is known as Shea Butter and can help restore moisture to your skin.

Your skin will absorb Shea Butter very quickly and the butter seeps down into the layers of your skin. Another butter that you will see is that of Cocoa butter which could also work well for treating your eczema.

These types of products contain high amounts of vitamins A and E and some can have anti inflammatory capabilities. Using them on a daily basis can add a layer of protection on your skin from the effects of pollution and the weather. If you are having trouble finding a suitable cream or moisturizer for your eczema you may want to try Shea or Cocoa Butter as a remedy for eczema.

If you don’t like the feel of Shea on your skin then use other natural products and lotions that contain ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and other essential oils. These natural eczema treatments can protect your skin and help reduce the inflammation caused by your flare ups.

The advantages of using natural eczema products are that they normally do not have as many side effects as medicated lotions. Many times there are no risks associated with these types of creams and lotions.

Once you have found a natural product that you are happy with, use it regularly. At the first sign of any flare up be sure to apply your moisture in more generous amounts. This way you can hopefully shorten the life of your eczema flare up and get on living your life.

Unless you are dehydrated, drinking water will not moisturize your skin. Drinking water to deal with eczema is not likely to help much, though you must drink enough to maintain an adequate level of hydration.

Milk with its lactic acid is a very soothing treatment for eczema and possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Soak in a milk and honey bath for a luxurious full body eczema treatment. Just add 2 cups of milk and ¼ cup of honey to your bath water and soak until your fingers and toes wrinkle.

Olive oil and coconut oil after a finger and toe wrinkling soak is effective, followed by covering your oily skin in a pair of old (or alternatively designated as for use with oil only) pajamas for continued moisturizing while you sleep.

Grind up 1 cup of oatmeal in the Nutri bullet or blender until it is reduced to powder, mix into your bath water and soak for 20 mintues. You may do this up to twice a day.

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