Mr. Tee Follow Up Reading

Mr. Tee Follow Up Reading

When Mr. Tee’s mom informed me that she had made some decisions regarding Mr. Tee’s health care, she also requested I connect with him again to explain to Mr. Tee the reasoning behind her decisions, how things would proceed and get his feelings on his situation. She also told of a mouth sore that Mr. Tee had developed and she is treating with a course of antibiotics. She asked me to explain to him that the orthopedic mattress on the floor belongs to him if he chooses to use it.

Mr Tee Black and white springer spaniel

She explained that she bought it for her dog, Jake, who has sense passed. Jake apparently did not care for it, so she wrapped it up and kept it in storage for just such an occasion. In following up with Mr. Tee, I spoke not only with him, but a loving couple, a cat, and Jake who is in spirit.

I began the connection with Mr. Tee by placing myself on the floor, sitting cross-legged, facing the dog who was lying on the couch. I had a sense that there were several if not a many animals in spirit surrounding me, but I was only able to see Mr. Tee , a cat, a bird and Jake. A small animal that I though was a dog lay next to Mr. Tee on the couch; by the end of my connection, I realized it was indeed a cat. I had difficulty deciphering as to whether the cat was in spirit or living. The bird I saw was perched on the back of the couch, I did not speak to the bird during this visit. I have sense learned from the client that the bird may be the Parakeet belonging to her grandmother many years ago. It is entirely possible that the loving couple is the grandparents of my client. My client states, “I don’t have much knowledge of about my family history on either side.”

I had greeted Mr. Tee and then asked if he would allow me to step away for a moment and then return to speak to him. I wanted to address the dog in spirit who was barking at me. I just knew this had to be Jake as I asked my guides to assist me in connecting with him. When Jake came to me barking the “Stranger Alert” bark, I crouched down, extended my hands, and asked for assistance in communicating with Jake. As Jake continued to bark the tone of his bark gradually changed from, “Alert” to “Hi, do you want to play with me?” Jake stopped barking, walked toward my outstretched hands, and greeted me. It was at that time I was aware of a woman in spirit stepping in. She is a woman who cares for Jake and acts as my guide with Jake today. She tells me that she took Jake at the moment he crossed over. She is his mommy in the spirit world.

This loving spirit had a habit of sweeping her hair behind her ear. This is something she would have done in life, a mannerism that will assist in her identification when I tell Mr. Tee’s mom about her. This loving spirit explains to me that she cares for several animals and ushers them back and forth, as they come to spend time in the house visiting the living. I asked Jake if he would like to speak to me, but Jake seemed distracted, not making eye contact, seemingly baffled by the entire situation. When I mentioned my client’s name, his ears perked up, he lifted his head and made eye contact with me. I told Jake that I had a message from his mommy. I told him that she loves him forever. I explained to him that his mommy wants him to know how grateful she is for the love and companionship he gave her during his physical life.

Then it came, the “Sad bomb”. It is an intense and uncontrollable wave of emotion, sadness, and overwhelming feelings of unconditional love.

Jake was sending his love to his mommy. While overcome with these powerful emotions flowing through me, tears streaming down my cheeks, I manage to ask Jake how he felt about the final days of his life and my client, his mommy, asking for assistance from the vet in helping him cross over. Again, another intense wave of emotion sweep through me. I had to take a moment and let it flow through before I could continue my conversation with Jake. As I was able to regain my composure and raise my vibration, I continued. Jake moved his paw to my face and wiped away a portion of the tears that have been steadily running down my face. Jake was comforting me. He then answered my question by looking to the woman in spirit who cares for him and then to me, replying, “It needed to be done”. He continued with, “I wasn’t well”. I asked him how he is doing now, he responded with, “I’m happy, I have a good life, and I feel much better. I feel like a puppy again. Tell her I miss her and I see her struggling. I don’t know what I can do to help her”.

Jake continues in telling me that he is partly responsible for all of the barking Mr. Tee does, he says that he initiates it when he visits the house. Then giggled in playful delight when Mr. Tee is scolded for all of the incessant barking. Jake implies that the fussing is not all about the birds and squirrels. Jake confesses to getting a bit of delight in egging Mr. Tee on and watching the disciplinary process unfold. My client confirmed that Mr. Tee indeed engaged in a lot of barking and tickled to know that Jake was partly responsible. The woman in spirit says that they, Jake, and she help to provide for her, my client, caring for the animals and trying to Keep disruptions to a minimum. The woman at that moment turned to address a male energy who was stepping in from behind her. He stood next to the woman with his arm around her shoulder. I felt as if this was a married couple. The man is very polite; he extended his hand out to shake mine in a greeting. He stated; “We are responsible”, meaning that the animals are safe under their care.

He is assuring us not to worry; they are good, responsible people who are taking very good care of the pets that cross over. They obviously know how important that is to me and my client. I ask the couple if they have a message for my client before I return my attention to Mr. Tee. There was no reply, so I invited them to act as my guides as I spoke to Mr. Tee, they agreed.

Once again, I positioned myself on the floor in front of Mr. Tee. The woman in spirit sat next to Mr. Tee and the cat on the couch, the man, next to her. The bird repositioned itself on the back of the couch. Jake had taken a spot on the floor next to the couch facing me. I was informed that this is his spot when he comes to visit. I began my conversation with Mr. Tee by explaining that there would be NO surgery on his leg because it would cause him undue stress. I told him that the surgery might not repair his leg more than if left to heal naturally. I explained to him that if he had the surgery, he would be confined to a crate for four weeks, as I was speaking, Mr. Tee became visibly upset. He shook his head back and forth saying, “No, no, I don’t want to do that”. I assured him that will not happen. I told him that most likely, his leg would heal without surgery, but not to the place, it was before the injury. I continued explaining that between the injury and arthritis his life was going to be different, there would be physical limitations. He replied, “I’m o.k. with that. There are still things I can do”. I explained that he would be contained to the back yard and that he would not be able to run and jump as he did before. He said, “I can do that, I can do that, and I’m not ready to go yet”. I assured him he was not going anywhere.

Mr. Tee shows me his leg and states, “My leg hurts, I have to be careful with this leg”. I said, “Yes, you must be careful now with this leg. You must not run around in circles chasing birds and squirrels. By the way, your mommy took the bird feeder down so the squirrels can’t tease you anymore”. Mr. Tee hung his head in disappointment and replied, “Crap!” He continued with, “I guess I’m just going to be fat and lazy”. I explained to him that there are times in our lives when being fat and lazy is o.k. and that he was at that time in his life. Mr. Tee replied with, “I can do it”. I then told him that the mattress on the floor was for him and he should give it a try. It is at this time the cat seated next to Mr. Tee becomes animated, sitting up and licking it’s paws. I am interested in what the cat has to say. The cat indicates that it smells like dog, that it likes the way my client smells. The cat continues with, “I have a good life and am very content”.

I asked him about his medications and if he was getting pain relief. Mr. Tee replied, “It’s upsetting my stomach”, I told him I would let his mommy know and she would address that issue for him. When I told my client this, was certain it was the antibiotic he was taking for his mouth issue and that he was at the end of his course for this antibiotic.

I asked him if he was getting any pain relief now, he said, “It’s too soon. If I lick it, it feels better”.

I asked Mr. Tee if there was anything else his mommy could do for him he replies by showing me the image of sniffing the fresh air, he enjoys the fresh air. Mr. Tee turns the conversation food; he talks about lasagna and the smell of bacon. My client confirms that she allows Mr. Tee to lick the empty lasagna tray, he loves her spaghetti sauce, he loves bacon and enjoys hanging out in the kitchen while my client cooks. He says, “Good smells come from the kitchen”. He explains how he enjoys his naps and says, “Feed me more.”

I asked Mr. Tee if I could check on him again in the future, he agreed. I thanked the loving couple in spirit who assisted me and care for Jake.

The man gave me a quick salute good-bye and the woman said, “We are here for you dear”, directing her statement to my client. I say goodbye to Jake who is showing me that he is ready to play now. I say goodbye to Mr. Tee who nudges and licks my hand. I ended my connection. I discussed connecting with Mr. Tee again in a week or so to check on the status of his upset stomach and pain relief.


Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium


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