Motivational Fitness Challenges to do With Your Friends

Motivational Fitness Challenges to do With Your Friends

Fitness is an important way to manage your weight, become fit, and improve your overall health. Unfortunately, if you are a lazy girl, it can be really hard to motivate yourself. Having challenges with your friends is a great way to encourage yourself and your friends to get together and work on your fitness. These are just a few of the challenge options you can try.


Number of Steps in a Specific Period of Time

An easy way to challenge your friends is to use fitness trackers that sync together, such as the Fitbit, then challenge each other to the number of steps. This can be on a daily basis, seeing who walks the most steps in a day, or you can do a challenge for a week, month, or any other length of time. It can just be for fun, or the person who won can get a reward, such as having her lunch bought by her other friends to celebrate the end of the challenge.

Miles or Distance Goals

You can also create a fitness challenge with your friends that looks at the number of miles or distance you have gone. This can be with anything from walking or jogging, to riding bicycles, or even going on hikes.

If the weather is nice, you can each make a pact that you will go on a hike of your choosing one week, then the person who ended up walking the most during that hike, wins the challenge. You can easily do this with other activities, such as if you have a group of friends that enjoy riding bicycles.

Think about places that you would love to visit, such as a nearby park or lake. Then make plans to visit it with your friends and get your daily steps in. Take a picnic lunch and refreshments so you can sit and enjoy the view afterwards.

Calories Burned

If you and your friends are trying to lose or manage your weight, a calorie burn challenge can be great to keep you on track and motivate you to keep up with your regular fitness.

There are a few ways to track this, from using your Fitbit or just logging it manually in a private Facebook group, to using a tracking site like MyFitnessPal. Using a fitness tracker does help make it a little more accurate when figuring out how many calories you burned during different activities.

Or, if you feel daring, you could post your challenge for all to see on your Facebook profile. This will keep you accountable for sure!

Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge

Finally, you can have a challenge where you are trying to lose weight while also focusing on fitness. This is more of a challenge you and your friends do over a longer period of time, such as at least a month.

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It is better to go with a percentage of weight lost, instead of a pound amount, since the amount someone loses could be far different than someone else based on how much they need to lose.

As you can see coming up with challenge ideas is pretty easy. You may even want to do a different challenge each month.

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