Meditation for Busy Moms

Meditation for Busy Moms

How Meditation Can Save Busy Working Moms

Life as a working mom can get downright grueling. From packing and prepping meals in the morning, to either standing at a job all day, or being on hectic deadlines, to being home again and having to clean up at the end of the day, it may seem like a never ending cycle of work and more work.

At some point, many women start resenting their jobs, or worse their responsibilities at home, which are compounded by insufficient sleep at night.

What is there to look forward to that keeps you going day after day?

Burnout is a real likelihood, unless you take steps to maintain your sanity and poise day after day.

That salvation comes in the form of meditation. How can medication help you, as a busy working mom? Read on below to become enlightened:

Meditation Improves Your Brain Acuity And May Reduce Need For Sleep

Hey, these alone are enough for anyone to want to want to start practicing meditation, right? Mental sluggishness and sleep deprivation appear to be two sides of the same coin, so it should make sense that fixing one can remedy the other.

A short meditative session of just 10 minutes performed twice per day can help improve mental sharpness for the duration of the day, cause you to not feel sleep deprived all day long, and then not require 8 full hours to feel reinvigorated.

If you can afford the sleep, by all means do go for it- but the reality is there is sometimes just not enough hours in the day to stay on top of the world and feel great while doing it.

Meditation Can Improve Mood And Mental Well-Being

We all know the feeling of being on edge, or walking on eggshells, waiting to crack open. Such is the influence of numerous responsibilities, feelings of unappreciativeness, and dissatisfaction. Meditation, however, has proven itself numerous times and should be included as part of your daily routine as well.

Meditation can help improve neuro-transmitter profile in the brain, effectively improving your mood and well-being, and leaving you less prone to anger and mood swings.

Meditation Makes You A More Productive Worker

The job market is extremely competitive nowadays, with simple mistakes sometimes resulting in termination of your job. These mistakes can be amplified under stress, and compounded even more when you are burdened with the thoughts and responsibilities of housework and domestic issues.

Meditation can keep you focused with the task at hand, enabling you to meet deadlines, not multi-task unnecessarily (such as being distracted when you should be working) and increase your value as a worker. Your boss is likely to see, and reward you for your efforts.

Meditation Promotes Mindfulness For Your Family

Not because you are working does that mean that you need to sacrifice the most precious thing in your life- your family. Mindfulness meditation helps you develop a greater appreciation for your family, and fosters the loving bond between you and them.

This is important, as resentment can fill the place of appreciation if you are stressed out and feeling unwanted. Just know that your kids and husband deserve their mom and wife in all her glory, and not only at times when she is tired.

Meditation for Busy Moms

Meditation can improve aspects of your life transcending those mentioned above. Women who meditate are also at a reduced risk of getting ill, suffering from depression or even heart disease. Finally, meditation keeps you young.

Premature aging is compounded by stress, so do yourself a favor and fit in two sessions of mediation daily, even if it means sneaking it in at work!

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