Meditation: Eyes and Ears

Meditation: Eyes and Ears

We are going to do a meditation to cleanse your eyes and your ears of energy blockages by using the holy fire to burn away karma and after that we’re going to command healing mechanisms into action where they will regenerate and rejuvenate these two areas of attention.

Sit in an easy chair, un-cross your legs because you want your energy flow to be the best possible flow and you want your energy able to be grounded. Being grounded means connecting energetically to mother Earth. Get really comfortable. Close your eyes and take a deep breath of the golden bright light.

Eyes and ears clearing blockages meditation panama

Take another deep breath and relax your body. It is sort of hard to relax your body while living in today’s world because there is so much trouble going on in the news in the US as well as in the other countries. I want to take you away from all of that outer stress. So again breathe in the golden bright light. Make like it’s golden and bright as you breathe in; let it flow all through your body. All the way down to your toes. Now, relax your toes so much that it feels really good. Relaxing your body helps you release stress and quiet the mind. Enjoy the stillness of your mind.

I want you to concentrate your attention in your chest as you breathe and exhale. Your chest area is the seat of your soul. Now, I want you to go into your chest, go behind your heart. There you have the Temple within. It has been talked about in many of the great books. The Temple is within. It is not some church building where you dress up and go one day of the week. No one ever explained what this temple was about or how we could use it for our benefit. I want you to imagine that you are behind your heart and there in your temple. You can make this temple any size you want.

Again, breathe in the Golden bright light; exhale it into your temple. Imagine that your breath is the golden bright light and as you exhale you’re filling your temple with this essence of bright gold colored light, sparkling with energy. In this temple is where you meet your Father/Mother consciousness. This Temple can be very large if you desire it to be. You will find there is love energy here. There is a beautiful throne like chair, ornate and decorated any way you can imagine. If you like this comfortable chair you can sit in it. If you want to if this feels comfortable. You can imagine you being in the arms of God, being nurtured, protected, and loved, and supported by this great being in consciousness.

Now we are going to begin the cleansing. This is Where we are going to use a light colored energy, the holy fire. In your temple, as it were in olden temples, there is a torch. In your personal Temple this torch is the Holy Spirit and contains the Holy fire. I want you to pick up the torch. This particular torch is designed to help you burn up karma, opinions, judgment, ways you may have been hurt, old wounds, or even the way you might have hurt others.

Soul is aware doing this meditation of traveling into your inner Temple — the Temple within your body, in your chest, behind your heart, where you see a huge spiritual room. So just relax and enjoy the trip; we are going to clear karma and we were just talking about all the different things that we can clear, emotional things that have limited you and blocked you from better health, wealth and prosperity, better friendships, and better jobs. You’ve had situations where you felt that you have been wounded, or maybe wounded others. Those feelings are energetic vibrations that lower your energy field and hold you back. They can be destroyed, eliminated, uncreated, let go of and then you will be able to flow an even greater amount of energy and be a more powerful person.

So we are in this temple within that is behind your heart. And there is a holy fire– it’s a torch on the wall. I want you to walk over pick up the torch; it is your tool to burn up all karma done to you and all the karma you have done to others. Pick up the torch and we’re going to clean and heal the body. We are especially going to work on the head today. Were going to clear karma in your eyes and your ears. So you have your torch of holy fire. Whatever you want to clear you will waive your torch around in that area and we will command that the body release blocked energy, and all other ways that your energy flow might have been restricted. For instance, we are going to work on the eyes. Now, make like your head is a very large size so you can get into the tiny parts of it. Imagine you are looking at an anatomy book and see pictures of the eye. See all the little capillaries, veins and how the eye really works. So take your torch and clear the karma from both of your eyes waving the torch around. See it burning away all the damaged parts; everything will be replaced with new and pristine parts of the eyesight. These parts could improve immediately or it might improve over days as you burn away energy blockages. Wave the torch all over the eyes. This holy fire will not hurt perfect tissue and anything good. It burns away bad tissue and that will be immediately replaced. There is no pain; there is no fear of the holy fire because it is from source and it knows what to do. It knows what you want even before you ask. You want more perfection in your body, mind, and spirit so you can go about your earthly experience in a more perfect way.

Breathe and exhale, knowing all is well one more time. Karma is blocked energy. Karma could be arriving here and now and affecting your body from another lifetime or from another dimension. There may be many things that could have happened about your eyes during all of your incarnations. Karma can bleed over. And maybe you have said something like” I never want to see that again” and when we say things like that the energetics in the eyes begin to shut down. We literally have to watch our words, and anything else. It is best if we do not judge anything we see because we are living in a virtual reality. Take another deep breath now for your eyes I want you to ask that the Divine Infant cells be activated in your eyes. You might say something like this, “I now activate my Divine Infant cells in and around my eyes so that my eyesight returns to perfection.’”

Take another deep breath of golden bright light below that into your eyes. Imagine that you are blowing source energy which is love into your eyes. You are doing a good job. Now we are going into your ears were going to do the same thing again, so grab your torch of holy fire. This holy fire knows what to do. Its job is to heal what needs to be healed by burning away all the wounds, damaged cells and the karma you might have collected that’s affecting your ears and your ability to hear well. So take your holy torch of fire and imagine that your ear canals are being may be 6 feet tall. Now walk around with your fire burning away karma and blocked energy. I want you to say, “I now cleanse all of my ear’s canals and my hearing system. I am burning away energy blockages and anything that might affect my perfect hearing. Now you can put your torch back in your temple within where there is a receptacle on the wall just; replace it there and we’re going back to the ears. You are asking that the Divine Infant cells be activated where your hearing is perfect again. “I now activate my Divine Infant cell energy in each cell and every cell to restore my hearing to 100% perfection as my creator has designed me to be.

Source energy, creator energy, God energy is your support system and it wants you to be perfect in every way. And it is your Divine right to claim your position with source energy to where you can be a perfect channel for it to flow through you. Reiki is a good system for aligning your energy with love, express appreciation for everything, with gratitude, and healing energy– not only for yourself but for others who you come in contact with.

I want you to thank Source for this help. You will come back another day and heal in detail another part of your body, mind, and spirit. You can be even more perfect as you were designed to be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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