Marijuana legalization

Marijuana legalization

Marijuana legalization is no longer taboo. Every day you can see some new information about marijuana, about her benefits, about positive effects not only on sick persons but also on the state economy, of course, if we are talking about states where marijuana has been legalized.

Cannabis picture
Cannabis picture

A good example is Colorado where the additional state income from sales taxes and excise tax on marijuana was around $136 million in 2015. The marijuana stores themselves were bringing in over $100,000,000 a month.  That’s over $1 billion a year in sales.

The people of Washington state voted to legalize marijuana but the state government changed it into selling a few licenses for highly controlled growth facilities with taxes at every level. Medical marijuana has been legalized for those with a doctor’s prescription for several years. Since the vote to legalize the use of recreational marijuana it looks like a money bonanza for the state rather than actual legalization. The industry is gearing up for greater and greater sales because of the large population in the Northwest plus the many visitors to Seattle who will be trying it.

Washington legislators are seeing a month by month increase in production and tax revenue where they estimate that it will be bringing in $1 billion in tax over the next four years.

Actually, Washington vote to legalize marijuana did not really make it legal; it is available iMarijuana legalizationn a number of licensed stores, it is regulated, and it is controlled by being only grown in a licensed grow facility.  It is taxed three times:

  1. At the grow farms,
  2. Taxed at the processors and
  3. The third tax is put on at the retail sales locations.

If it were really legal in Washington state, then anyone could cultivate it in their home garden without any danger of getting in trouble.

 So, would marijuana legalization be a good or a bad thing?

In the United States voting will have to be done again in such a way that the state government has to act honourably, and cannot just turn it into their legalized cash cow.


Again, is marijuana legalization a good or a bad thing internationally?

Let’s see. Let’s use for example one country where marijuana is available to use for any purpose. What’s the first country that comes to your mind when we are talking about this?

 Of course, it’s Netherlands –  they are the most liberal country in Europe.

Although the Netherlands has become a synonym for tolerance and freedom of expression in the last few decades, if we look historically, she was always a leader in the adoption of laws of this type.

Most of the laws, which have been only discussed in today’s modern Europe, in the Netherlands were put into place long generations ago, for example – abortion, euthanasia, marriage between two people of the same sex, the use of soft drugs.

How Netherlands thinks about drugs still is something that many people can’t understand. Because a drug is a drug, whether it is “light” or “heavy”. The division between light and heavy drugs was made by whether the substance causes only physical or physical and psychological dependence.

In the Netherlands the “light” drugs such as hashish, marijuana and “magic mushrooms” are something that you can almost always get anywhere. You can even find it in the local coffee shops. It’s also allowed the possession of 5 plants of cannabis per person (marijuana and hashish are “made”  from cannabis) or possession of 5 grams of these soft drugs per person.

In Denmark the retail sale is not allowed, however, common sense prevails through “Gedogen”, a law that tolerates some not entirely legal actions, so the resale of cannabis is also tolerated. The sales of marijuana are “prohibited but not punishable,” although the rules that the drug does not advertise are respected and also that it can’t be sold to persons under 18 years of age and that light drugs do not join the heavy ones from the same seller.

The aim of this policy is to separate the market of light drugs and the demand for the hard ones and to reduce the use of hard drugs. On the other hand, the soft drug market passes out of the hands of criminals into the hands of the government, controlled and therefore potentially reducing crime.

Additionally, we are all aware that in those countries where there is no legalization of narcotics drug addiction is widespread despite strict prohibitions.

It is estimated that in some countries, where legalization has not taken place, there is way more drug abuse than for example in the Netherlands.

Laws in the Netherlands are liberal or different from other countries only in the sense that they correspond to reality. What is allowed is allowed, and what is prohibited is not allowed – this is the perfect recipe for a liberal and well regulated society.

in the Northwest, USA there is a  directory where you can find stores that sell cannabis  —  especially if you are looking for Washington marijuana store or Oregon marijuana store.

Do you use cannabis in some form? How has it helped you?

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