Living Healthy from Within

Living Healthy from Within

The human body as created by God has a system ability to cure itself and regain energy and heal all body parts and organs. Even with the modern discoveries in technology and technological innovations health wise, our body stills helps, adjust and repairs itself. We have also overtime being made to believe sickness and diseases are generational in nature.

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Patients are usually known to have referred to having a history of particular sickness in their family as the cause of their fear of possibly suffering from the same sickness. This creates fear, negative attitudes and emotions towards their health and well-being.

Both our genetics and environment are very much important to our living healthy. While our DNA contains the history of family lineage, we can decide how we want to live our life while carefully and live happily. This is achieved through our lifestyle, behaviors and eating habits.

Their environment sends signals either negative or positive, which our bodies react and respond to. Each signal sent to the body affects our body cells, and internal organism.

The signals range from light, temperature (hot or cold), darkness, food, and athletic exercise.

Oftentimes, we are burdened by various news depicting challenges with food. This gets confusing and I wonder what food then, is the best for me. Low carbohydrate, fat, calories etc. are all what we are faced with.

When we eat foods, we take care of some necessary bacterial in our body system. This is why it is important to eat right. This, we hardly hear from medical professionals and nutritionist.

Medical researchers had proved how the positive effect and work of this bacteria-microbiome is to our body. Once this microbiome gets malfunctioning or lack of food supplied to it, it affects the body by fatigue, depression and systemic inflammation. Other factors are excess sugar in the system, long use of antibiotics, high sugar intake. This could later result in diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s disease.

While medical treatment may not cure effectively, miracles also do happen. A patient had a history of brain fog, fatigue with irritable bowel syndrome through lack of proper care of intestinal problems that he had when he was young. He had multiple abdominal surgeries to correct this with doses of antibiotics, which caused extensive damage to his health. Long usage of these antibiotics is known to affect and cause intestinal permeability, bone loss, food allergies and deficiency in vitamin B12.

After due consultation with me, a nutritionist and after some tests being completed, we were able to determine what caused his problem. The following was discovered:

  •  Small intestine has overgrowth of bacteria
  • His body system reacted to gluten
  • The gut bacteria were imbalance and intestinal permeability.

Through the use of food (that is healthy eating) the patient miraculously recovered. He was placed on low fermentable foods and gluten free diet coupled with healing bone marrow broth and supplements. Within months, he was better, an indication that food has the power to heal.

5 simple ways to get healed from within

1. Avoid all antibiotics, except when necessary.

2. Have a healthy gut and add strains of probiotics if compulsory to take antibiotics.

3. Eat high fiber value foods.

4. Don’t take acid blocking medications unless absolutely necessary

5. Take food that have been fermented and take bone marrow supplements.

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One thought on “Living Healthy from Within

  1. Hello,
    I went to a holistic physician and had blood analyzed as well as performed my own acid saliva ph test and urine ph test. She really never addressed the ph tests. I also spit in a glass as part as a candida test. I was told my B12 was lower than it should be like @ 450, thyroid antibody showed Hashimoto but I am hypothyroid as well as have rheumatoid arthritis. Leaky gut and candida.

    Recommendation was B12 shots, vitamin IVs, diet change, std process supplements, chiropractic adjustments. Six months, pretty expensive since out of network. I am not doubting the medical part but not sold on the chiropractor part. My bones, feet especially, wrists, are RA sensitive.

    Wondered if I can heal myself. We joined a 9 month local CSA, which supplies farm fresh local organic produce, husband is gluten free, so we mainly eat that way anyway- avoid breads, flour, pasta > eat quinoa, rice, beans, etc. biggest weakness of mine is dairy (cheese & ice cream, I don’t drink milk). Suggestions?

    Answer: All those symptoms sound like you might have that little bacteria called the Spirochete.

    There’s a book that might help you decide – Lyme book link – You can read it online or buy it for $7.00 via Amazon. It sounds like you are on the right track!

    NEXT TO RECOVER YOU MIGHT LOOK AT WHAT I’M TAKING > all 60 Essential Minerals MUST BE bio-available colloids from plants grown in soil containing all these minerals and trace minerals. The plants process the minerals to the smallest size where the cells in your body can actually take them in… (We can’t just eat dirt, rock dust and clay to get these minerals because the molecules are too large for the cells to absorb them. They must be eaten by the plants first.)

    Read more at:

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