It’s Time to Change the Way We Think About Marijuana

It’s Time to Change the Way We Think About Marijuana

cannabis marijuana bud ganja pot dispensary washington oregonThere was a time (not long ago) that marijuana was considered, “The Devil’s Weed,” guaranteed to turn anyone who dared to give it a whiff into a hardcore drug addict, commonly referred to as a gateway drug.

Then, as science progressed and fearless doctors brave enough to stand up to the status quo, amazing evidence began to appear and the results were sprinkled amongst the most respected papers, enticing research labs to dig deeper.

Now, we’re seeing a melding of leading edge science beginning to uncover the wisdom in the mysteries of old school science. Cannabis has been used in Chinese medicine as early as 3000 years BC.

This empirical scientific data did two things; it proved that there were medical advantages to using marijuana as a therapeutic approach to disease treatment and health intervention, and it dispelled the myths associated with health risks associated with effects of weed use.

Medical marijuana began to proliferate the offices of doctors and treatment centers across the USA which led to new, or revised, statutes that allowed some leeway for cannabis to be used as a medical modality.

It’s no surprise that states, like Washington and Oregon, embraced these new revelations leading to marijuana legalization.

The journey has been a rough one, but finally marijuana dispensaries are seeing the light of day across Washington and Oregon states on the West Coast of the United States, as inmates are being released from prisons that had been incarcerated for cannabis-contraband-related crimes thanks to the legalization of weed.

In these two neighboring states, the medical marijuana cards are gone, and marijuana is now legal for rmarijuana legalization indoor growing farm cannabis hempecreational use and as easily obtained as tobacco or alcohol.

Other states best prepare as the rest of the country begins to embrace the legalization of marijuana use nationwide.

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