Instant Travel

Instant Travel

Travel to the farthest reaches of the cosmos as quick as one can think of that place sounds like fantasy, science fiction, pipedreams etc. In other words impossible.

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It’s pretty well known by people who do the research and study the thousands of testimonials of those people who have had near-death experiences that it’s possible. These people have testified that they simply thought of a person, place, the moon, Mars etc. and they would be there. They could even describe in detail the circumstances, clothes the people were wearing etc. of the places they had been.

When our body dies we are all encouraged and taught to go to the white light or one of the religious after death sanctuaries called heavens. Those are simply various entryways into the recycle center. Once there you are counseled on where, when and in what family you’ll be born into next.

Now comes the stripping of almost all of your memories except for wisps of memory left to guide you to certain experiences in your next life.

The persons who manage to bypass the recycle center are truly free and can instantly be on a planet in the Pleiades completely unseen by most of the beings there. They can actually explore the cosmos from end to end but there is one major problem. They are handicapped by not being able to affect anything in the physical reality when they are in that form. All the fun things they see to do and they don’t have a physical body to touch them or enjoy any of them.

What if there was a way to enjoy that instant travel to anywhere and you could take your physical body along?

The religions have been careful not to tell us about this option because it would cut down on their flock (sheep?) and their power over us.

Jesus tried to demonstrate to us that it could be done if you are determined. He personally did that over 2000 years ago but most of his followers were too dense to understand exactly what he had done and formed a religion instead. By now hundreds of religions have been formed from those simple demonstrations.

That option to take your body along with you is still there and many of you have figured it out and done it since Jesus day. But was he really the same as us? He had a virgin birth and all that, you say.

Perhaps you don’t realize people aren’t the only beings that can have a virgin birth. What about the butterfly?

Did you ever wonder why we are so attracted to butterflies besides their freedom and beauty? Maybe we instinctively know we are capable of something similar! Could the body we now wear be similar to the

Caterpillar body in that respect? My understanding is we go through profound changes but we don’t have to do the cocoon thing. Those changes allow us to take our complete being, body and all, to any place in the cosmos as quick as a thought.

That’s what ascension is really all about. We can have the full use of our complete selves. One doesn’t just go flying off into the sky like Superman, but you could do that if that was your thought.

All the evidence is there. Jesus virgin birth and ascension really happened during those years he spent in the wilderness, not when he let them cross him to death. Remember he could walk on water, multiply the loaves and fishes, turn water into wine, raise the dead, heal the sick etc. from the time he came back. Also note that his friends still knew him. In other words he didn’t look that different after his virgin birth and ascension than he did before.

The dying on the cross thing and coming back to life was done out of compassion for the people. It was to show them that letting the body die was a mistake and not the way to graduate from this existence.

Perhaps we should start to pay attention to what religious teachers call Jesus’s most unreasonable teachings such as – –

“verily verily, I say unto you, if a man keep my word he shall never see death” and – –

“he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also and greater works than these shall he do;” – – John 14:12

Jesus is certainly not saying these things are to happen after you let your body die!

So how long is it going to take for any one of us to ascend? I’m not sure, I only know it is the only thing that really makes sense as an outcome. We all know God is the perfect being so it is inconceivable that he didn’t make us perfect also. Could it be that we are supposed to discover that our physical body was actually a seed body for a Christ and that it could be re-awakened to complete itself when we get to the correct attitude?

I’ve read thousands of books with lots of people stating their ideas about what this reality is all about and I’ve come to the conclusion that we are not yet the finished product, but Jesus showed us it could be done. I know some will say we only need to read the one book. The difficulty there is it has been manipulated in 325 A.D. by the Roman government to get control of the Christian problem. Therefore it is very hard to discover where words were left out changed or reversed to serve Roman political purposes. It perhaps started out as his- story, but it was transformed, in too many places, into the government’s story.

Following is a very interesting excerpt from a little book I like a lot.

“It is a generally accepted belief that Jesus was my only begotten son. Some of you have been taught that if you believe Jesus was the only begotten of the father, you will not perish, you will have everlasting life after you’ve died”.

My question is what good is it to have everlasting life if you are handicapped and can not enjoy all of the creation? Getting us to die to receive it sounds like a sneaky Roman way to get us to volunteer for the recycle center! The excerpt continues—-

“The real truth is that the only begotten of the father is a grand cosmic being, a perfect man or woman, a radiant image clothed in robes of shimmering light, a godlike ideal who claims the cosmos for his playground and comes and goes with the speed of thought, a joyous being whose vibration is quickened to the rate of mine and who’s consciousness is as expansive as mine– the Living Christ”. “The Door of Everything” by Ruby Nelson

This little book was written from her experiences and insights as she became a Christ, a true Grand Cosmic Being, similar to what Jesus became.

Daniel Micksfield

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