I Communicate with Animals

I Communicate with Animals

This is a story of a fearful horse who talked to me about his problems.

Among my gift of speaking with spirits, I have the ability to connect with animals.  Connecting with an animal whether a mouse or a horse is very satisfying and I must say, always entertaining.  I never know what they are going to say.  Most animals are aware that they can speak to me in ways that we are able to understand one another.  However, every once in a while, I have difficulty connecting to an animal only because they have not yet figured out that they themselves can speak to me.  The moment they discover that communication between us is possible and taking place, that is an amazing moment for both of us; it is the moment of enlightenment.

Animal communication reveals a fearful horse
Animal communication reveals a fearful horse

Many times my guide is another animal and not from the same species.  A good example of this is, last year my sister asked me to connect with her cat.  I was having some difficulty getting the cat to answer me; I felt as if the cat could hear me and understand me, but was being haughty and refused to speak.  When I called for assistance, I was surprised and delighted by who appeared next to the cat.  A small mouse; in a high-pitched voice said, “She doesn’t like you, she doesn’t like you!”  Seriously, nobody who is an animal lover wants to hear that.  This cat was a stray that with my guidance my sister took in.  Well, it turns out corralling the cat when she did, was bad timing; the cat explained to me that she still had things to do and expressed her displeasure of me for participating in her “confinement”.

The following reading was for a horse, I choose to refer to him as Barney for this publication.  My guide for Barney was in fact another horse.  Upon connecting with Barney, I asked that the horse in the stall next to Barney act as my guide or interpreter.  He speaks up telling me that Barney is not very intelligent and is immature.  Just as I stated earlier, you never know what they are going to say.  Taken aback by this opening statement, it was however straight to the point and in the opinion of my guide, accurate.

I began with a body scan to help me connect with Barney; I am sensing his hesitation to connect because of fear, fear of the unknown as well as being insecure about his ability to do so.  As I moved down his body, I encountered some energy blockages in his right front shoulder.  I am getting the impression he is very sensitive to touch on his belly, this stems from pain.  I do see energy blockages in his abdomen, perhaps from digestive issues.  I move to his hind end and see black and red on his upper right hip area.

horse in communication is afraid to being taken in a trailer
horse in communication is afraid to being taken in a trailer

Barney is telling my guide of his distrust of humans.  His previous owners required him to perform to a standard he was not ready, physically, emotionally or felt confident to perform.  He is very insecure because of this history.  There was no bond or trust from his owners.  He saw his mother mistreated and misses her nurturing and comfort.  I asked Barney, “Do you like the family you are with now?”  He replied, “They are inept”.  I asked if he is referring to the family he is with now or the family he had previously, he replied, “They don’t know how to treat me”.

I asked Barney to tell me what bothers him about having a girth placed on him.  He said, “It’s touching me and I can’t see it, I’m afraid of what I can’t see”.  I asked him, “Why does it upset you to be in the horse trailer?”  He said, “I’m afraid of being taken somewhere that won’t be a good place for me, a painful or unhappy place”.  I asked him, “What can we do to make things more comfortable for you in your role as a horse, he said, “I was pushed too hard to fast”.  It seems that there was no bond or mutual trust between Barney and his previous owners; he complains that they placed him in painful situations that he was not mentally ready or capable of dealing with.

I asked him if he wanted to stay where he is and he said, “Yes, but I am unable to perform the duties that they are asking of me”.  I asked Barney, “What can we do to help you get to a better place physically and emotionally, he said, “There needs to be a bond formed for trust issues and I’m afraid of being hurt.  I am very insecure and afraid of being hurt because I have not been trained properly.  I would like things explained to me and go slowly.  I am afraid of what will happen to me because I can’t perform to the standard of what is expected of me”.  Then the horse who is acting as the guide stepped in and said, “He is dumb as a light post”; I thought the statement was insensitive and uncalled for, but keep in mind, this is not me speaking.

I'm afraid of my owners
I’m afraid of my owners

Barney asks that his new owner start over with him in the training process and that they be very patient with him.  He wants to re-learn the basics, he does not want to do things that he is not comfortable with doing until he feels like he has learned it and can perform it successfully and with confidence.  I asked Barney “Is there anything you want to say before I end our session?”  He replied, “Why do they keep me locked up like that?”  I asked him why it bothers him and he said, “Because I can’t get away in case they do something painful to me”.  I thanked Barney and told him that I would tell his new owners everything we had discussed.


By Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen

Clairvoyant psychic Medium


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