How to Store Essential Oils

How to Store Essential Oils

By now, you probably know all about using essential oils, from how to make blends, to using the right carrier oils. Another thing you need to understand is that they should not just be stored anywhere. This information will guide you through the right process of storing your oils and keeping them protected from the elements.

Tips for Storing Your Essential Oils

Using the Bottles They Come in

The reason you should keep your essential oils in the bottle they come in is because these are special bottles that keep your oils fresh. Like any oil, if they are out in the
elements, they can spoil over time. Pure essential oils can spoil if they aren’t stored properly just like if you left a bottle of olive oil out on the counter without a lid or cap.

Most essential oils come in glass bottled with lids that also have droppers, so it is deal you keep them in these bottles unless you are using them to make blends.

Stick to a Cool, Dry Place

Once you have the right bottles to use for storing your essential oils, you want to keep those oils in a cool, dry place. Cupboards in your home are usually the best option, particularly those in your bathroom or kitchen. Just make sure they are not in a place in a packed cupboard where they can easily be knocked over. The amber glass bottles are of course breakable, and the last thing you want to do is lose an entire bottle of pure essential oil. You want these darker glass bottles as they will keep the oils fresh. Avoid putting them in plastic bottles.

Always Keep the Lids on

To avoid extra moisture from getting into the bottles, make sure the lids of your essential oil bottles are screwed on tightly. When extra moisture gets into the bottles, it can cause oxidization, which affects the smell and freshness of the oil, and will reduce how effective they are when used for healing abilities. If a lid is broken, it is best to transfer that oil to a new glass bottle with a lid that works properly.

Use Specialty Storage Cases

If you are going to bring your oils outside your home, get special storage and carrying cases sold by essential oil companies. These will hold all the bottles securely and keep them from spilling or breaking during transport.

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