How to Stop Foreclosure

How to Stop Foreclosure

I was about to lose my home. This is just not my home, it’s the home that my husband and I remodeled, two of our three children started their young lives in this home, and one still calls it home, as she has yet to leave the nest. This is our home, our family’s home.

At one time, we thought we would never leave, then hard times visited my family, even with me taking part-time work, wherever and whenever I could, we couldn’t keep up with the increasing debt.

I thought this would be temporary, things would have to get better, then we started using credit cards to make the ends meet. I don’t have to tell you what happened next; one thing led to another and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul caught up with us and we were unable to make a mortgage payment.

I sought out Obama mortgage relief because it was all over the news and media, but I could find no one in the State of California who knew anything about it. No one could help me as we missed another payment.

The next thing I knew, we were served papers. We were being foreclosed upon and we were losing our home, the only thing we had to prove that our lives meant something, the fruit of all our hard work, and we were losing it.

I needed to how to stop foreclosure at the last minute, and I needed it now. It was then that I started an intense research and discovery project solely focused on

How to Stop Foreclosure

This led me down a rabbit trail of research and hiring many how-to-stop-foreclosure alternatives. Each one had its merit, staving off the foreclosure process for a moment, leaving me always in search of a better way to stop the foreclosure once and for all.

A friend of mine’s husband took his own life, ashamed of having let his family down. His life insurance benefit kept his family in the home (I wish to God, this was just an isolated event, but it happens every day, during these hard times in America). What has our world come to?

Through this process I became aware of the nefarious foreclosure fraud that fills the pockets of the bankers with three-to-five-times the value of your home, while unaware Americans get thrown out on the streets, losing everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

That was six years ago

We are still living in our home, and our baby is looking forward to leaving the nest to start a new life of her own.

We have not paid a dime in six years and I have spent a great deal of time and money with the various agencies, and underground specialists to uncover the secret to stopping foreclosure in its tracks, while we have enjoyed living in our home ever since.

The secret of how to stop foreclosure by the banking evildoers came down to this:

One Page Document Stops Foreclosure Immediately

Finally, after spending thousands of dollars with the foreclosure fraud gurus, I found the single-sided one-page document that is the answer to how to stop foreclosure at the last minute.

In fact, you can initiate the power of this document without even being in foreclosure at all. If you know that a foreclosure is an imminent event on your horizon, you can fill in the blanks on this document (you must modify it as necessary to meet your specific needs) and follow the simple process, just like I did, and never worry about having to make another mortgage payment ever again, if you don’t want to.

I was able to save my home in California, and you can save yours, too.

I’m not making this one-page document for anyone to use for any hope of just getting a free house. This is only because I know what it’s like to be face-to-face with losing everything – why? To line the pockets of greedy bankers?

I have friends who have used this very one-page document to stop their pending foreclosures in a heartbeat in various states across the USA, and it has worked just as effectively there as it has to keep my home in California.

When you see this document, its simplicity, and how the specific wording disarms the banking industry from terrorizing you and your family, you will be just as impressed as I was, and like me, you will shed tears of gratitude and joy for being able to save your home, too.

This is not a temporary fix. While it does not guarantee that you will end up with a clear title to your home, it will ensure that you can have the peaceful enjoyment of your home for as long as you like, without having to pay another dime to your mortgage holder.

I am making this simple one-page document available to you, so that we, all hardworking Americans, who have nowhere else to turn to, can save our homes, our families and our lives.

Unfortunately, this one-page document that stops foreclosure only works on banks and mortgage companies who are expecting or demanding payments from you. It will not work if you’re buying your home from a private individual or renting to own your home.

That said, you can download this wrongful foreclose, even if you’re in the pre-foreclosure process, instantly, for the very low price of $35.00.

This is an instant download to a digitally formatted .pdf document (you must have a way to view a PDF document. If you don’t know what I’m talking about get someone you trust to help you with this piece. Don’t let it stop you from saving your home) ready to copy and retype, making sure to modify it for your specific purposes.

Instructions will be included on the document (be careful not to type the instructions onto your document).

Click here to download the one-page document which stops foreclosure now, for a low one-time cost of $35.

PS: No court filing fees are necessary on your part. You simply follow the instructions, which requires the ability to send a registered letter (a single envelope containing nothing more than your one-page stop foreclosure document) return receipt requested.

That’s all there is to it.

God bless you, and may you be endowed with the ability to have the peaceful enjoyment of your own home for as long as you like, without paying another cent to the bankers.

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