How to Massage Your Baby

How to Massage Your Baby

Massage therapy has become one of the most popular ways in which people today can increase their health

Through the power of touch. In the pass massage was primarily thought of as a luxury service there which adults would derive pleasure but today we now know the benefits that come from it for children as well as adults but what about infants. the following article will be flooring techniques used for giving your baby a massage.

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Simple Methods For Giving Your Baby a Massage

Head and Face Massage for Your Baby

First, you will want to make sure that your baby’s head is well supported. Begin by cradling them in one hand and gently massaging the scalp as if they were being bathed. Be sure to rub their ears more gently than other areas. Give them a calming eyebrow rub by placing your fingers between their eyebrows and slowly rubbing outward. Very gently use your thumbs to stroke their eyelids, and end by doing small circles on their jawline.

Chest Massage

To give your baby a chest massage, place your open hands out flat like you are making a bird shadow puppet, and place them over your baby’s sternum in the center. With your palms, slowly pull outward toward their shoulders. In a gentle cross pattern, start at the shoulder on the left side and cross down to the hip on the right. Switch to the right shoulder and cross to the left hip. Slowly alternate this method for 2 – 3 minutes.

Belly Massage

Place your hand on your baby’s belly so that your hand can fan out like you are holding a basketball. Be sure to get ready to keep a few of your fingers stable so they carry out some of the motions. Massage the baby’s abdomen in a circular motion. Use your fingers to walk around their belly button in a clockwise motion.

Arms Massage

Hold your baby’s arm in hand, and make a c-shape with your other hand. Use the c-shaped hand to stroke the entire arm starting at the shoulder and working all the way down to the wrist. Using a very, very gentle motion, wring each arms as if you were wringing out a towel.

Legs Massage for Your Baby

Take your baby’s leg and perform the c-shaped stroke on your baby’s leg from hip to foot. Begin using your entire hand to stroke the bottom of your baby’s feet. Massage each ankle using small circles. Stroke the top of each foot.

How To Massage A Newborn Baby

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