How to Become Vegan

How to Become Vegan

As much as you are surrounded by people who have a broad understanding of your decision to become a vegan, you will still sound strange to many people, regardless of the trends in the world and the fact that we live in the 21st century.

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There are lots of vegan decisions to make

The usual step for many people who have become vegans is that they had previously been vegetarians.

So they did not jump from one nutrition immediately to another one, more radical. They didn’t wanted to make that change in their life will gradually renouncing initially only meat and then, and milk and dairy products, eggs, fish and the like. What is absolutely incorrect in veganism is the fact that you waive something. In fact, it does not deny you anything because everything that you once loved to eat has a replacement – substitute that is much healthier, tastier, and after that you feel much better, physical and spiritual.


Vegan is therefore a person who absolutely doesn’t eat any animal products

  • doesn’t eat meat, meat products
  • doesn’t eat honey
  • doesn’t drink milk
  • no cheese and so on

Many people become vegans primarily from spiritual and moral reasons. First, for the love for the animals. Because they realized that they have no right to take away the life of these animals. They realized that they do not want to eat meat, they do not want to participate in the killing of animals, nor to have anything to do with it.

In the beginning of the story with your veganism it’s OK to ask yourself: “Okay, what I’m going to eat now if I do not eat meat?”.

This is normal because you are not in touch with the whole story, and this is where you start with research. If you had too big a step and removed all the groceries of animal origin, you can give yourself, let’s say once a week, a slice of cheese, a slice of fish. You can do that in order to afford to satisfy this desire and habit. It’s all in your head because your body is not eager for that, it only wants your brain, your beliefs and attitudes.

boy loving a baby sheep
boy loving a baby sheep

At the same time, it would not be bad to go and learn some stuff about animal testing.

Cosmetics and other industries use terrible methods. You will be astounded when you’re done a little investigating about it and it will help you get closer to veganism. You simply will not want to participate in it.

It’s stupid to become vegan just because someone expects that from you. Become a vegan only if it makes you happy and if you feel good about it.

Our bodies are not designed to digest the yeast, milk and things like that. Our body is created to digest things of plant origin. Try a few days, you will see how you will feel- easy, full of energy, capable of doing things you couldn’t do before. Our body works best on raw foods.

Fruits and vegetables should be the base of a vegan nutrition.

But you should know that there are so many other groceries. Instead of cheese you can use tofu, instead of cow’s milk, you can use rice milk or soya milk. You can play with groceries and try them in many different ways as possible, and eat plenty of delicious food than you ever ate. Just explore, try different things and experience will show you what it is that you love most, what’s best for you and your stomach, your skin, what can most easily digest etc.

What I heartily recommend and what I think will be of much help in the transition to veganism certainly the book “You are what you eat” by Dr Gillian McKeith where you can find amazing things, find out for plants that have not previously had no idea and here you will find out what they are, how you eat them.


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