How to Become a Vegetarian

How to Become a Vegetarian

There are many reasons that you might want to become a vegetarian. Whether it is for health reasons or you can’t stop thinking about the animal you are eating, becoming a vegetarian can be a test of willpower. Yet it isn’t anywhere near impossible to become a vegetarian. You might be more relaxed about eating your meals.

How to become a vegetarian

To start off, set a good reason as to why you should want to be a vegetarian. If you don’t have a reason, it is hard to find motivation to become a vegetarian and stick to being one. You can find your motivation by asking around or reading materials that are about how and why people become vegetarians. You will find that there are various other reasons besides just the classic: just love animals.

Finding great recipes is also an important part to become a vegetarian.

There are many resources out there to find recipes. You can buy cookbooks or even just look recipes up online. Try a variety of different foods and keep the recipes you like best. A technique to trying new recipes is making a new dish every week. This allows you to not be overwhelmed with the amount of new meals to try. Looking for substitutions for meat is also a good idea.

Starting off small is another good way to become a vegetarian.

Although you can cut out meat from your diet all at once, most people tend to do better with a gradual transition. What you can do is eat one vegetarian meal once a week, then two the next week, and so on. Many people start with letting go of red meat as it is typically the least healthy. Then cut out the other meats like pork, chicken, and seafood. Alongside with not eating meat, consider whether you want to eat dairy and eggs too. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to give up dairy and eggs but some people want to anyway. It’s up to you. If you are becoming a vegetarian, you want to make sure you get the adequate amount of protein for your body. Making sure you eat enough protein is vital to your health. Some people get part of it by eating beans or nuts.

What kind of a vegetarian are you?

1. Lacto-ovo vegetarian will eat eggs and dairy products, but will not eat fish, meat or poultry. Lots of people are into this type of vegetarian nutrition.

2. Ovo-vegetarian eats eggs, but no other animal products.

3. Flexitarian or semi–vegetarian is one who is mostly a vegetarian but only once in a while will eat fish, chicken or meat.

4. Pesci–vegetarian like the name says, will eat fish, eggs, dairy, but will not eat chicken and red meat.

What is a vegan? Vegans will not eat any animals

  •  No red meat
  •  No chicken
  •  No fish
  •  No animal products at all
  •  No dairy
  •  No eggs
  •  No honey
  •  No gelatin/Jell-O

 Some will not wear clothes that have animal products such as

  • o Wool
  • o Silk
  • o Leather
  • o Feathers
  • o Or even use a product that has been tested on an animal. (Lipstick is a product tested on animals.)

Since becoming a vegetarian can be a little hard, but having people who will hold you accountable can be a handy tool. Tell your friends and family that you are becoming a vegetarian and you will have more than just you that is keeping you on track. It is also important for them to know. You don’t want to be invited to dinner at your friend’s house and arrive to see steak in front of you.

Let the people around you know so they can support you and also be mindful of your choice to become a vegetarian.

How about you? Do you find it hard to become a vegetarian?

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