How to Be More Positive

How to Be More Positive


People who smile a lot tend to be happy most of the time. Otherwise, why would they be smiling?

Seriously though, smiling can actually help you to get out of a bad mood which can help you become happy. Plus, it shows others you are receptive to them. Establishing good relationships with others is part of being happy. Smiling sets the stage for that to happen.

Make sure your smile is real, and you are not using it just to get your way. This never works and could come off as phony. This could have the negative effect of getting people to mistrust you.

Learn About Every Situation

If you know the reasons surrounding situations you face, you will be less likely to see them in a negative light. Knowing what motivations led to those situations will give you some perspective. You may not always agree with what happened, but you are better able to deal with it when you have the appropriate background. It?s easier to stay positive when this is the case.

On the other hand, when you don?t have the necessary information, it?s easier to jump to conclusions, which may be the wrong ones. For example, if your colleague doesn?t greet you in a way you deem appropriate, you may react with anger or annoyance because you assume they are just being rude. Later you find out that their dog died and they were having a hard time keeping it together. Their behavior now seems appropriate and you would probably respond much differently knowing that piece of information.

Try to Diffuse Non-Important Issues

When we get bogged down on issues that don?t matter much, they start to add up. This will cause stress for everyone involved and will not lead to a positive or happy outcome. Accept that little items will come up all the time when networking, and just pass them off as part of your daily routine.

Laugh them off whenever possible.

If you are reactive to every little item, people won?t take you seriously when there are more serious issues to deal with. You will have spent your emotional capital, and the impact of your words will be diminished. On the other hand, if you let the small items go and don?t overreact, when you need to react in a certain manner, it will be more effective.

Use Open Body Language

Your body language gives more meaning than your words.

We can hide behind words but seldom are we able to disguise our body language. Even when you are conscious about your body language short-term, eventually you will let your brain take over, and it will convey your true meaning.

If your demeanor towards someone is confrontational, you will have a difficult time showing the person you are happy, and you can?t fake it. Therefore, it?s best to try to transform yourself into being happy so that it projects to others.

If you force your body language to be positive, you may actually start to act more positive. However, if you are positive to begin with, you won?t need to force your body language anyways.

Try to Connect with Other Positive People

If you want to be positive, position yourself with others who are positive. You will find that just being with positive people helps you to stay in that frame of mind.

You will also find these people are happy. Others will be drawn to the positive people even if they are not completely sure why. It?s subtle but effective. The person who is being positive may not even be aware of it. It?s just the way they are. This doesn’t mean you need to have this type of personality to make it work for you, however. You can make it happen.

Stay Away from Negative People

Conversely, negative people are not happy. Although some may take pleasure in bringing other peoples? spirits down, this is not a recipe for happiness over the long run. Usually, it?s a sign of something more troubling going on in the person?s life. Sometimes, it can be a result of bad habits. Whatever the reason, unless you are willing to try and help, stay away from negative people. Over time, you may develop the same bad habit of being negative, and this will keep you from being happy.

You won?t always be able to avoid negative people altogether. You may work with them, or they may be members of your community, etc. In such cases, try to limit your exposure to them as much as possible.

Sometimes, you may be able to get negative people to talk about what is bothering them. If they can recognize the problem, they may be able to break the negative cycle they are stuck in. This will still require you to maintain a positive outlook.

Constantly Reinforce Your Positivity

People often like to use tools such as affirmations to maintain a positive outlook. Others like to use journaling to refer to situations that made them sad or angry. This can help them reduce the chances of those same situations bothering them in the future. Find whatever tools work for you and use them consistently. Your brain will start to take on that positive manner, and it will be easier over time to stay in that mode of thinking.

Have Goals So You Know What’s Important

Setting goals can make you happier. This is because you will know what needs to get done. Contrast this with shooting from the hip, so to speak. People that don?t plan well get overwhelmed. This leads to long-term stress which takes its toll on their health.

When you create a plan, you will know exactly what needs to get done, and you will have a sense of accomplishment when you get to the finish line. Sometimes, unplanned events will pop up, and it is unavoidable. But, for the most part, keeping up with your goals is going to bring more satisfaction to your life.

Do Good by Others

When we do something good for others, we get a warm and positive feeling within ourselves. The more we help people, the more this positive situation will take place. It doesn?t have to be grandiose acts to make you feel happy.

Sometimes, it can simply be the act of complimenting someone or recognize their achievements. Try to do this on a consistent basis.

Set an Example

If you want others to stay positive, set a good example. It?s one thing to state that someone should be positive, but if you can show them through your own actions, this will speak volumes to them. When they get on board with what you are doing, encourage them to set a good example for others as well.

Always Offer Solutions for Any Problems or Complaints

Do you ever notice people who are chronic complainers? They never seem to offer up any solutions to what they are complaining about. They become part of the problem.

It?s okay to recognize problems. They are sure to occur in your life or at work. But, when they happen, try to imagine solutions that you can present. When you do this, you create a positive situation where you saw a problem, and you did something about it.

You may not come up with the right solution every time. But, just the fact that you are offering up any solutions shows you care and will work towards whatever the solution may be. People will appreciate your effort and see you are now part of the solution.

Try to Help Others Who Cannot Find the Good in Situations

Sometimes, people get caught up in situations that they cannot see a way out. If you find people that are in this situation, try to help them see what they are not seeing. Show them the good in the situation if you can find one. This can be a tough task but will be well worth the effort by helping the person out.

Be an Ambassador of Positivity

If you advocate for positivity, you will find others will follow suit. First, they need to know that you are serious about being positive and that it is not just something that happens once a quarter, etc. You need to maintain your focus on positivity and people will recognize it in you and will be drawn to you.

Keep Healthy

People who are not healthy are not typically happy. If you are constantly battling or worrying about a preventable health challenge, it will be quite difficult to maintain a positive outlook. Try to take steps to become healthier to reduce the chances of this happening. This includes the standards such as exercising and eating healthier foods. But, it also includes having friends and doing such things as getting involved with your community. These are all important aspects of maintaining a healthy life.

If you find it difficult to do this on your own, join groups where you can participate with others with the common goal of staying healthy. If you cannot find groups, consider forming one of your own. There is strength in numbers and being part of a community can help to keep each other on track.

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