Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

You’ve seen delicious mushroom recipes in the cookbooks and in the supermarket where you might see three or four kinds of mushrooms you could cook up with onions and veggies, etc. You are thinking, “How delicious!”  but you may not be thinking about eating mushrooms for medicine. Some might be thinking of the hallucinogenic mushrooms. No, not these either.

Reishi mushroom used for health benefits
Reishi mushroom used for health benefits

We’re talking about a very special mushroom known to the western world as The Red Mushroom from China.

How would you get started taking this mushroom for cleaning the blood, thinning the blood and regaining flexibility in the blood vessels?

You may never have heard of it?

If you visit a medical doctor he/she certainly wouldn’t recommend a 5000-year-old Chinese mushroom remedy for un-sticking the blood if a person has high blood pressure. The sticky blood does not carry enough oxygen because the red blood cells are stuck together like rollo formation/stacking and this seems to cause high blood pressure as well as lack of oxygen. A poor supply of oxygen leads to a diseased and toxic body.

You might wonder how a person first gets introduced to eating/drinking mushroom extracts as a medicinal remedy? Or, you might even stumble upon some information because you’re curious and you may have heard rumors of alternative medicine concerning using The King of Mushrooms

All across the globe, from Ling-Shi, Young-Shi, the scientific name of Ganoderma Lucidum, the Red Reishi has been hailed as a king of the fungus world.  This truly amazing fungus has been known to help people in many ways–such as increase their sex drive or fight off cancer.

Ganoderma Lucidum has been useful as a body cleanse for kidney disease; it reduces cancer tumors; and helps liver disease by reducing toxins and cleaning the blood. These are some reasons why Ganoderma Lucidum has been called “the medicine of Kings”.

Why is this special mushroom not better known?

How good! Reishi mushroom coffee!
How good! Reishi mushroom coffee!

I never ran across it myself until a friend gave me some samples of coffee and hot chocolate that contained Ganoderma mycelium. Who would think that by adding a mushroom to a cup of coffee, it would be a good deal?

I tried the Reishi mushroom café latte and I liked it. It seems strange that the coffee beverage did not taste bitter and left no settlements in the bottom of the cup. I began to study the Reishi mushroom and learned that it is very beneficial and helps over 20 diseases.

The Red Reishi mushroom holds many natural plant-based substances that seem to have a variety of therapeutic benefits, including the ability to reduce tumors of all kinds plus countless other health aids including increasing the effectiveness of the immune system.

It seems to normalize cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose that might be in excess in the bloodstream. It has been shown to prevent the formation of blood clots and helps stabilize a healthy flow of blood as well as clean the blood. It is effective against all types of allergies and it seems to calm people down. So whether you are taking the powder in a capsule or you are adding it to a drink you still get the healing power of this traditional Chinese medicine.

The main thing I can tell you is that during my continuing spirit journey where I ask the universe for help; Mother Earth has shared this wonderful fungus with me as one of the most important discoveries in my life. The universe does not personally deliver what you asked for. Your gifts and the answers to your questions come to you through other people. Still I say thank you God! Because what prompted those other people to tell me things, to give me assistance in certain ways?

All in all, it is said to improve immunity and support the natural healing power of the body.


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