Health Benefits of a Facial Massage

Health Benefits of a Facial Massage

While you might have had a back or neck massage, a facial massage is a little different. It is not meant to work out kinks in your shoulders or relax your sore and tired muscles, but instead provides a host of other benefits. Here are some reasons to consider getting a facial massage.

Health Benefits of a Facial Massage
Health Benefits of a Facial Massage

Facial Massage Increases Circulation

The first major benefit to getting a facial massage is the fact that it can help to increase circulation of your face. This is due to the circular motions of the massage on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck. When circulation is increased, blood flow and oxygen flow soon follow. This provides a lot of amazing benefits for natural beauty, including helping to soften those lines you have around your mouth and eyes.

Facial Massage Products are Easily Absorbed into the Skin

During the winter season, you are probably working hard on your skin, especially your face. You might experience a lot of dryness, cracking of your lips, and need to switch up your makeup routine to cover flushing from the cold winds. If you want these types of products to work properly, you need to give your skin a little boost. With a facial massage, it actually helps the products to absorb better into your skin thanks to that increase in circulation that was already discussed.

You Can Increase Collagen Production with Facial Massage

Yet another benefit of the increased circulation that a facial massage provides you is that it can help to boost collagen production. You already have collagen in your body, which everyone has. However, as you age, the production begins to slow more and more, which is where those fine lines and wrinkles come from. If you want to improve your skin condition and have a more youthful appearance, collagen is the secret. A great way to naturally boost collagen production is by getting a facial massage.

Facial Massage is a Great Addition to Other Winter Massages

This is also a wonderful addition to the other massages you might get during the winter. Stress levels are often high during the season, due to end-of-year vacations and the holidays, so you might want to go in for a standard massage. Why not ask if the spa will also provide a facial massage? You can even get a facial after the massage, which will also do amazing things for your winter skin.

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