Healing Teas

Healing Teas

Try These Healing Teas for Pain

You might already know using natural herbs is a way to get help with your pain. These same herbs can be used to create healing herbal teas, which also help with natural pain management. Here are some of the top types of healing teas to try for chronic pain.


Chamomile is a popular type of herbal tea for the majority of people, not just those with chronic pain. Chamomile is a type of herb that comes from plants that look similar to daisies. It is often used for its medicinal purposes, primarily with relaxing the body and mind, and helping you to sleep. This is why so many people will drink a cup of chamomile tea shortly before bedtime. When you have chronic pain, it not only helps to reduce your pain, but it can relax you enough to help you get some sleep.


Believe it or not, clove tea can also be good for you when you struggle with physical pain. Clove is a type of spice that not only has a rich aroma and flavor, but can also be good for you. There are many health benefits of clove, from reducing inflammation to helping with stress and insomnia. You can get clove in a ground up form that allows you to add it to a tea ball and make a healing tea with it. Add some honey to the tea if you don’t care for the flavor.


When you want to relax and also have a delicious healing tea, try lavender. Lavender is a wonderful herb used for its many health benefits. Lavender has a wonderful effect on your skin and a lovely scent, making it perfect for DIY lotions and bath bombs. It is also used as an essential oil for aromatherapy, as well as added to cooking and baking recipes. For chronic pain, one of the best ways to use lavender is by making a cup of lavender tea. The aroma will help to relax you while the lavender itself can help with the pain.


Another type of healing tea to try for your chronic pain is rosemary tea. You can get rosemary leaves that come from this herb, which you just add to a diffuser or tea ball into a cup of boiling hot water. Rosemary tea is caffeine-free so it is good to have before sleep. It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties as well.

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