Healing Properties of Aloe Vera

Healing Properties of Aloe Vera

Healing properties of aloe vera alternative resources directory newsIt truly amazes me that today, in the 21st century there are still people out walking around that have no clue about the healing properties of Aloe Vera – an incredible medicinal plant that has been in recorded use since the 16th century BC .

I have been consuming Fresh Organic Aloe Vera for a few years now, ever since I was re-introduced to it as a healing plant.

After undergoing eight surgeries in the last seven years, I decided to go on a spirit journey to get grounded and connect to Mother Earth. (Gaia) During my journey a voice shared with me three different kinds of plant life that could be used together.

I went on to create a blend of these three ingredients where I call this herbal combination My Three Kings.

1. Red Reishi Mushroom Extract – a fungi know as the mushroom of immortality- supports immune health

2. Cannabis oil – using Medical Marijuana extracted oil for Health

3. Aloe Vera – species of succulent plant that probably originated in Northern Africa

In this short article let us just concentrate on the benefits of Aloe Vera by itself.

The female voice said, “Aloe Vera will bring you health and beauty from vibrant skin to rejuvenated internal organs.” This king of kings herb will not only nourish your internal organs it will literally help your body re-grow new tissue. With over one hundred ingredients that are working together synergistically, aiding in your body’s natural healing process, you will feel the difference. Aloe Vera, the wonder plant, is packed full of vitamins, minerals, biological sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, anthraquinones and much more.

You may have heard of this wonder plant from your folks or a friend but most likely you do not own one of these plants or have even used it recently for something as simple as a stomach ache or Heartburn. Yes, Aloe Vera works very well in the relief of these two pesky irritations to your system, yet further study will show you that Aloe Vera has helped humans heal their bodies for thousands of years.

Aloe Vera is a natural source of vitamin B12 and it appears to aid in the absorption of other natural vitamins from the foods you are consuming as well as helping your pets. Did you know that over 200 scientific research papers have been written on how Aloe Vera aids in boosting your Immune System by stimulating it or even diminishing the immune reaction as needed to lessen the reaction with hay fever.

We hope to see this wonder plant have a chance to participate in aiding in combating HIV and other cancer dis-eases like Leukemia.

Aloe Vera contains protein, calcium. zinc, magnesium, vitamin A and E and is rich in vitamin C and many, many more nutrients vital to a healthy body, mind and soul. Its’ no wonder Mother Earth shared this wonder plant with me to blend with my other two ingredients in making a one of a kind oil mixture second to none.

The following is a quick story of a lady I personally met during my studies on this wonder plant. Alexis shared with me that as a young girl she was bitten by a Brown Recluse Flesh Eating Spider and it had created a hole in her cheek large enough that she could stick her tongue through it. Crying she pleaded with her mother for help and her mother said don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.

The Mother went out to the garden and cut a leaf of the Aloe Vera plant and kept the wound soaked with fresh Aloe 24/7 until the hole completely closed up and healed. True story. From sun burns to mosquito bits, to cuts and abrasions humans have been using Aloe Vera to help with all sorts of issues with their bodies yet we
are still just scratching the surface of what this amazing plant can truly do for all of mankind.

So in conclusion I would encourage each and everyone of you to go out and buy young medicinal Aloe Vera plants and grow them in your homes for your many ailing needs.


King Joseph


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