Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Anxiety is an epidemic among people today. Stress and anxiety have chained so many to the pharmaceutical lifestyle that can cause other more serious illnesses in both children and adults, but what alternatives do you have? Among the natural methods seen by people looking for these alternatives comes the ancient methods that employ the use of crystals.

These beautiful stones are packed with the force and power of the ages and have become available through the hard work of people who appreciate what they can do, and what they symbolize, but which crystals are good for anxiety? This article is a short guide to crystals that help with anxiety.

Blue Lace Agate

The first crystal that can help with anxiety is the blue lace agate. This crystal has a lovely blueish-gray and radiates vibrations that have the ability to calm and relax your being. This makes the blue lace agate a great stone to be worn in jewelry around the neck, or on a bracelet. Some experts say that you can even keep one of these pretty stones in your pocket to help you get through any troubling day that is trying to beat you with stress.


The lithium content in the crystal called Lepidolite is believed to play some role in this crystal’s calming power. It is primarily used to bring balance and calm to an environment of chaos. Its placement should be over the 3rd eye, or worn on your extremities to bring greater balance to the day. This stone if powerful when worn in jewelry so if you place it in a medallion, it can become an invaluable talisman for peace.

Jet Stones

Since the times of the ancient past, jet stones have been employed to create a protective barrier and allow the productive expulsion of dark energies like anxiety, anger, grief and depression. They can be kept however you like in a room or on your physical form.


Danburite is a stone of reassuring energy. It serves to connect you with the power of
being that resemble that classic depiction of angels and other extra-terrestrial forms. Keep it close to you and you might also find it useful to keep some suspended near windows and doorways.


Another ancient healing stone that can be used to cleanse the soul and body. It is highly regarded for bringing purity to the aura. It is also associated with some physical benefits.

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