Getting Over Lyme Disease

Getting Over Lyme Disease

First off – I am not a doctor! I am not allowed to give medical advice. Taylore and I both had Lyme’s disease and we got over it. I wrote a book to help others have some insight into this crazy disease.

First of all, let’s talk about ticks. What do ticks really have to do with Lyme’s disease? I got mine from a mosquito bite I think. That little bacteria is very contagious. Did a dog ever lick your hand? Did you ever kiss someone? Were you ever close to someone who sneezed? Any one of those few things and many more can transmit that tough little bacteria under the right circumstances.

The Lyme disease bacteria is called a spirochete and it is very difficult to detect in the body. As you might know it leaves footprints called symptoms and it is found on location of pain in over 300 name brand diseases.

Taylor and I used this water purifier for two years. We used the chlorine dioxide hot and heavy for a few months and then we did the maintenance dose of 6 to 10 drops per day for the rest of the time. Within a few weeks the swelling went down in my hands and I could again close my hands without pain. I was said to have rheumatoid arthritis. Little by little we killed the bacteria by using the MMS Protocol 1000.

Don’t get me wrong, a few people do get this bacterium from the tick but the vast majority get it from someone who has it.

You ask us, “How long do you think it will be before symptoms all disappear?” and I would say that it depends on whether the changes you are making in your lifestyle allows health:

1. What are you eating?
2. Are you eating organically?
3. What are you thinking?
4. Do you have tons of positive affirmations about wellness?
5. Have you stuffed emotions: dark thoughts and or negative life experiences that are holding you back?

There is no one that can tell you exactly how long it will take for your body to get over all of its aches and pains. Even in our energy healing school and also with private sessions with clients, you never know exactly what will happen or how long it will take to get well. It is never just one thing causing everyone’s problems.

Emotional upsets that you cannot get rid of will cause the body’s frequency to lower and then all of the pathogens and microbes begin to multiply. Your body has the ability to heal itself and return to health and well-being when the body, mind, and spirit are all lined up to promote health and well-being.

Getting well and growing the body younger, it’s a mindset that is available to you, as well as just getting over the diseases.

When you get right down to it, the diseases we get are really symptoms of underlying things we think, feel or believe which creates a weakness in our body that the bacteria, pathogens or fungus take advantage of.


Roi and Taylore


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