Gentle Massage

Gentle Massage

A lot of people who are looking for a new form of pain management, or even simply looking for a relaxing way to spend their afternoon, get curious enough to try massage, but some people are sensitive to touch that is vigorous, and might require something a lot easier going for their first massage experience. What they may not realize, is that there are quite a few options for them as well, so this article is geared towards the gentlest form of massage.


This remarkable technique was born of ancient techniques from Egypt and China. It is also known as zone therapy, and employs a belief that area in the hands and feet have corresponding links to various organs and systems in the human body. It uses a sort of kneading and rubbing to bring blood flow and stimulate the connections to the body’s corresponding organs. You can sit back and relax while you have both your hands and feet slowly and gently worked on during this minimal impact massage.

Swedish Massage

Generally speaking, when most people think about massage, this is most likely to be the type of massage that they are thinking about. Swedish massage is offered at most clubs, spa, wellness centers, and gyms. This style of massage is always easily known by its highly recognizable movements such as striking, kneading, rhythmic chopping, circular wringing, and slow long strokes. People who are more sensitive are likely to stick with the slower, more focused long strokes and stay away from the high energy chopping.

Hot Stone Massage

This extremely soft, low energy massage can be an excellent option for someone seeking a very relaxing, and low impact massage. Stones can vary in material, but are commonly basalt. This stone is produced by volcanic activity, and holds onto heat very well. The heat in the stones helps to loosen and soothe muscles. If you are sensitive to heat, there are also stone massages done with cold Basalt stones.


There is no oil used in this massage traditionally. It generally calls for the wearing of loose clothing. Shiatsu massage is rooted in Chinese medicine, and its purpose is to stimulate the pressure points of the body to promote greater health and well-being. It primarily uses localized pressure created by the practitioner’s fingers, and held for 6 – 8 seconds at a time over specialized pressure points in a rhythmic sequence.

Enjoy this super soft ASMR massage with some real skin and hair sounds. It is designed especially for headache relief even though I am massaging also the neck, the shoulders and the scalp. This massage is very different from a usual deep tissue massage as it relaxes the muscles with a very gentle contact; the muscles release automatically when you feel touched and safe.

This ASMR video is accompanied by binaural soft speaking to aid your relaxation.
I hope that watching this video will also bring you a deep relaxation, headache relief if you have one, and an occasional tingle 😉

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