Free Range Reiki Eggs

Free Range Reiki Eggs

Known as one of nature’s most incredible foods, eggs are a complete health powerhouse packed into a tiny package. This wonder food can be eaten with anything, at any time of day and provide an amazing amount of energy and nutrients for the body. While all eggs hold a number of health benefits, some eggs are actually better than others.

In fact, free range eggs are thought to be much healthier than those that come from chickens that have been caged most of their lives. Those who wish to make some organic changes to their lifestyles or who just want to up the quality level of the foods they eat should consider adding this amazing little powerhouse to their daily diet.

What Makes Free Range Reiki Eggs So Special?

Free range reiki eggs, also known as god’s eggs, are those that come from our hens that are able to roam freely outdoors at the Reiki Ranch. In this setting, the hens can forage for and consume a unique and natural diet, which usually consists of seeds, insects, worms, and green plants. These hens are happy, healthier and produce higher quality eggs than those that are caged and fed processed feed with superficial additives.

When not raised freely, the hens are also more likely to be filled with additives and hormones given to them to make them grow faster and larger. These hens produce eggs that are, in turn, filled with hormones and additives and their own meat is not completely safe for consumption.

These hormones can cause serious problems in the human body, such as the premature puberties that have taken place in young children, usually girls. Girls as young as seven are already growing breasts, beginning menstruation, and showing other signs of puberty, and it is thought to be the fault of hormone-packed hens and eggs.

Health Benefits and Advantages of Reiki Eggs

Reiki Ranch raised eggs come with all the natural benefits of eggs and more. For one, they do not contain excess hormones or toxins, which means they won’t harm the body or throw one’s hormones out of balance.

However, this aside, Reiki Ranch eggs offer a variety of healthful nutrients, vitamins, benefits, and advantages:

• Reiki Ranch Hens are shown to Have Increased Levels of Vitamin E in their Eggs: Hens that are allowed to roam and forage at the Reiki Ranch have a much higher percentage of Vitamin E than caged hens. When foraging in the pasture, hens are more likely to come across protein and nutrient rich foods such as grasses, seeds, legume, grubs, and insects.

• Reiki Ranch Eggs have Higher Omega-3 Enrichment: Egg yolks are a natural source of omega-3s, but Reiki Ranch raised eggs have shown to have hyper-enriched yolks that are filled with omega-3s. While some farmers add natural omega-3 oils to the hen’s feed, research has found that the hen’s natural diet can also substantially increase the omega-3s in her eggs. For Reiki Ranch hens feeding includes vitamin rich grasses and legumes such as alfalfa and clover, which are great sources of omega-3s. When left to their own, natural devices, the hen’s natural diet is enough to produce nutrient rich eggs without the use of hormones or other additives.

You Can Raise The Organic Eggs Yourself: That’s right, if you have adequate pasture space for your hens, you can raise your own birds and have a constant supply of fresh, raised eggs. It is important to remember that raising your hens is a big job and should be done with the utmost care. However, with this in mind, many families have been able to produce their own nutrient rich eggs and control their hen’s environment by excluding the use of hormones and additives and instead allowing their hens to roam free.

Baby chicks hatching out of the organic eggs in an incubator.
Cuckoo Maran Chickens

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