Federal tax ID Truths and debt relief

Federal tax ID Truths and debt relief

Simple ways to check your tax bill!

10 reasons you may really owe no income tax or back taxes

  1. If tax was withheld a big refund may be legally possible!
  2. Special meanings for ordinary words are used in the income tax laws so you will believe you owe most of your withholding from a job or a large portion of your profit if you have a business.
  3. Why is it called “Federal income tax”? Because it’s a tax on Federally derived income. Are you doing business with or are you paid by the Federal government? Duh!

    have some of these tax checks coming back to you
    You most likely will have some of these tax checks coming back to you
  4. We’re not talking about tax “loopholes” here we are strictly talking about what the law really says.
  5. The word “wages” only means money you receive when working for the government or because you benefit from some government activity you are involved in. Said another way; are you doing business with, or are you being paid by the federal government?
  6. In the income tax law; the phrase “trade or business” means; “the performance of the functions of a public office”. It has nothing to do with running Joe’s garage, or Dr. Bill’s medical practice, or Bruce’s design studio etc. etc. etc.
  7. There are four words and a phrase that have been given special meanings to confuse you into falsifying your returns, thereby making you liable for taxes you have never owed. They are
    • INCOME
    • WAGES
    • EMPLOYER and
  8. Pete Hendrickson, with the help of computers, went through the more than 3.7 million words of the code to find out what the tax laws actually were. He reasoned that the only possible explanation for that many words was to hide something and he found out what it was. They couldn’t require all people in the continental United States to pay income taxes according to the amount of money they received, because that is actually illegal, so they put together a method to use wordsmiths and trickery to get most people to confess they owe taxes when according to law, they owe nothing, and should get all their withholding back etc.
  9. Mr. Hendrickson wrote a book, now in its 14th printing, called “Cracking the Code” that explains the whole situation, and tells how to correct the record if your employer has said you are a taxpayer on the W-2 form. He also tells you what the proper forms are and how to fill them out to reflect the real truth that you are not required to pay income tax. The owner of a regular business or trade can also properly set the record straight, that he is not performing the functions of a public office, and that he had been misled into confessing otherwise. I believe anyone can go back three years and get refunded plus interest. Sign up for his email list to see hundreds of checks people have gotten back from the IRS.
  10. Since you are voluntarily self- assessing your tax status, if you want to believe you are working directly for the federal government, they are not going to prosecute you for filing such a false return, and will simply accept your donation no matter how large it is. That’s kind of them don’t you think? There is no honor in the way our servants protect their jobs.

Well what are you going to do? You could get the book and see if the law says you really are owed a bunch of money back from our benevolent government.

Or are you just going to keep on donating even if you don’t owe it? Really, it is possible you can have debt relief, simply by not donating. If enough of us understand what Pete is saying, it could cut down on the number of drone bombs that are sent to ordinary people in other parts of the world.

The only way we can be sure that the government lives within the budget assigned to them, rather than the budget they dream of, is to cut their supply of cash at the grass roots. Do your duty as an awake and concerned citizen of the united States by becoming informed and acting.

The “Form 1040 US individual income tax return” is designed to correct testimony that others have made about you. If you don’t file a return you lose the right to make those corrections. The reason it’s called a return is that you are returning to set the record straight.

CRACKING the CODE by Peter E. Hendrickson


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