EFT Tapping for Emotion Freedom Part 2

EFT Tapping for Emotion Freedom Part 2

Improved tapping process:

In several of the tapping groups I asked the group to tap on manifesting improvements to our tapping and manifesting processes. Two things showed up right away. I tested the combination of these two concepts for a couple of months and came to the conclusion it was better than the way we were using regular EFT. I can now teach someone how to tap, over the phone in about one minute. Many people mentioned to me that they would not do EFT because the tapping was too complicated. No tapping point charts needed with this way.

Clearing Deeper core issues:

One of the things that I discovered is that there are deeper core issues behind what most tappers believe are the real core issues. When properly addressed the deeper issues are much less intense and almost half of these issues are cleared with one or two rounds of tapping!

EFT Tapping for Emotion Freedom Gary Craig Lorie McCloud

Gary Craig and others have talked about cognitive shifts that often come as a result of a good session. We are getting something quite a bit more powerful than cognitive shifts, we are getting what Lorie McCloud calls soul earthquakes! She says that the internal “furniture” gets powerfully rearranged!

After multiple soul earthquake sessions, we’ve had large shifts in consciousness! In a man’s first consciousness breakthrough session (we’ll call him Paul), he was able to visit his wife in the hospital with his mind, in vivid detail. He saw that she was in a corner room, saw that the blinds were down, saw that she was sleeping, saw that the TV was on and what channel it was on, saw where her shoes were and more.

He later validated this when he talked with her. This is like remote viewing on steroids!

If you don’t know, the military had a psychic spying program that they called “Remote Viewing”. Several of the military remote viewers were able to do this kind of vivid seeing of their target once in their career and I think a few even did this twice. Paul was not trained in remote viewing, so for him to do this is simply amazing. He later did some more amazing things like this. Paul was also apparently able in that same session to see through the eyes of a man in one of his previously healed trauma scenes. A minute or so after that he attempted to see through the eyes of a horse. I then hear him say; “Oh my god! I’m looking through the eyes of the horse!”

Paul also indicated that he was able to perceive the emotions from multiple past trauma scenes simultaneously! These old trauma scenes were thoroughly healed, so these were joyful experiences now. Can you imagine what breakthroughs are to come? Maybe not walking on water, but we do have astounding hidden abilities! It does not have to come via struggle and effort, these are all coming with great joy.

In a later session Paul connected via his mind with what seemed to be a very powerful and loving being. He was taken on an incredible journey in his mind to what seemed to be the past in Mexico at dizzying speed.

In part of this session, I heard him struggling with his breathing. When he was able to speak again, he told me that this being sent him so much love that he was having trouble breathing! He said that this love was way more than anything he could ever remember experiencing!

Have you ever heard the statement “The kingdom of heaven is within.”? It looks to me like this is where we are headed! What I’ve written about here is just the beginning of what we’ve uncovered and I also feel that this is just the beginning of what we might accomplish by opening up the other 75 percent (there’s likely to be more) of the power of tapping. The expansion of human consciousness is the ultimate treasure. To start, tap to empower your imagination. I think that the guiding sentence should be “Try it on everything, especially on your imagination!”

If you know of someone that might benefit from this article, please pass it on. If you are interested in helping to shift our 3D reality and exploring the frontiers of consciousness with us please email GD.

George Duisman

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