Easy Braids For Cute Hairstyles

Easy Braids For Cute Hairstyles

When you are pressed for time, but you want to have a cute hairstyle, braids are the perfect option. There are a lot of braided hairstyles that look intricate and complicated, but are actually quite simple once you get the technique right. Here are some easy braids you can do in just a few minutes.


Braided Crown

The first cute hairstyle you can do easily with braids is to make a braided crown. While you can make it more elaborate with French braids, all you really need are two braids that are long enough to wrap around your head.

The quickest way to do a braided crown is by separating your hair into two equal sections with a middle part. Put them each into low pigtails, then braid each pigtail and use a small elastic at the bottom to secure them. Wrap them one at a time around the crown of the head and secure with hair pins.


Bohemian Braids

These braids bring out a fun hippie look or a casual look when you want to wear your hair down, but also want something a little extra to add to the hairstyle. All you need to do is take two small sections of hair near the crown, but a little further back, one on each side. Braid each of them and bring them around the back of your head, letting them overlap and securing. You can now leave the rest of your hair natural or give it a little curl.


Tucked-In French Braid

This type of hairstyle goes from giving you just a regular French braid, to a fun look that is good for special occasions, a day at work, or just running errands. Start by giving yourself a regular French braid. You can do either a traditional or Dutch French braid, depending on your comfort level. Once that is done, just tuck the braid underneath until it isn’t hanging down, then secure it with hair pins or a clear elastic.


Side Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle couldn’t be easier. It is a simple way to give yourself a quick braid without trying to do a French braid or get too fancy with it. Fishtail braids have a unique look that make them look a lot harder than they are. You just need two sections of hair for a fishtail braid, taking a thick section of one side, and a thinner section of the other sides, then going back and forth until all hair is braided.

These cute and easy braids can still look super fancy and elegant. If you are going out for the evening you could add a colored ribbon or hair clip for added elegance.

Once you get the hang of braiding your hair in this manner, you will never be lost with how to manage your hair again. In fact, you may love this hairstyle so much that you start wearing braids every day!

Have fun with braids, and don’t forget to look online for additional ideas and tips. YouTube would be a great source of inspiration for quick and easy hairstyles.

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