Don’t Cure Cancer!

Don’t Cure Cancer!

Hardly anyone would dispute the fact that cancer is in epidemic stages at this time. In 2015, there was over 1.65 million new cancer cases diagnosed and near 600,000 cancer deaths in the US. There are 14,240,254 people currently living with cancer of all kinds in the United States.

Why Don’t We Want to Cure Cancer?breast_cancer_cells

Now I want to show you the meaning of “cure” from Webster’s unabridged dictionary of the English language. What follows is the number one definition:

Cure – “A means of healing or restoring to health.”

Now I want you to ask yourself, “Is that cancer unwell? Does it need curing?”

That is the only conceivable reason to want to cure cancer. Isn’t it true that the health of the cancer is much too good already?

cancer cells

What Needs the Healing or Curing?

It’s the body that needs the healing so it can overcome cancer. It’s rather obvious to me that when we constantly talk about curing something we give that item more energy. Until this English language we speak has been changed we need to be sure we’re using it for our benefit instead of benefiting the diseases! Do you think it makes no difference how we say the words?

Do We Have a Built-in Healer?           

Our subconscious mind is the intelligence that keeps our body working at its optimum. That part of our mind is very aware of the meaning of words, and it takes its orders from the things we say regarding how we want to take care of our body, and its troubles.

Non-Profits Want to Cure Cancer

Incidentally, they’ve used our lack of understanding and misuse of the language to extract billions of dollars from us to search for a cure for cancer. The news media is indeed telling you the truth when they say they’ve found no cure for cancer, and they never will because cancer is in great shape and needs no cure!

Did you know why anyone making a claim to cure cancer is prosecuted? Now you can see why. That would be a false claim. On the other hand, if a person was saying they had helped thousands of people get rid of cancer they would probably not have broken the law.

Few People Want to Take Responsibility for Their Health

Of course, thousands of natural ways to keep the body healthy, heal the body, and get rid of cancer have been found, but very few people are asking for those DIY protocols. It’s even been proven that over 90% of the folks who take the mainstream cancer treatments die earlier and in more pain than those who don’t treat their cancer at all, and just clean up their diet a bit.

My first wife died from cancer treatment at age 38, and that’s what got me interested in this mess called disease control in the first place.

defeat cancer

Cure Cancer or Get Rid of the Disease

You notice there is seldom any mention made of “getting rid of your disease” no matter what brand name it has. Disease control is a moneymaker and on the other hand, getting rid of the disease for you simply loses them a customer. Way more money is made by stringing out your sickness and treating it with drugs designed somewhat to alleviate the symptoms. These drugs were never intended actually to help you get rid of your problem.

That doesn’t even count the misery we get from the side effects of them supposedly trying to poison our bodies back to health.

My Disease

People even make it worse for themselves when they make the disease one of their prized possessions by putting the word “my” in front of the disease name.

Examples; my cancer, my fibromyalgia, my lupus, my arthritis, my cold, etc.

Now you know why I keep saying, “Don’t cure cancer or any of the other diseases.” Cure your body by getting rid of the problem. I always intend to be one of their customers that got away from all the corporate conglomerates who are involved in the medical disease control industry.

Actually, my preference is to consider my body already perfect and then do whatever it takes to make that come true.

Herb Roi Richards

There are many others waking up to natural health…

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