Do I Need a Reiki Master?

Do I Need a Reiki Master?

A lot of people who have heard of reiki often wonder what it is and how it can help with their health. They’ve also probably heard of reiki masters and wondered if they needed a master or not in order to practice reiki.

Reiki is energy healing

Low energy is blocked energy.

Emotional situations and judgements cause the energy flow to drop. Low energy is sickness.  When the energy flow drops it gives disease a chance to grow and take over the body. So you’ve had a bad experience with somebody, you have judgment about the situation and you feel like a victim. Your energy flow has been stopped because you have allowed outside influences to shape your thinking and judgments. An energy healing is in order to help you regain your high energy flow. Read the complete article here:

Want to send out LIFE FORCE ENERGY? It is where a person is trained by a Reiki Master and then, he/she will send out this Life Force energy to others. Life Force energy heals!


The truth is that you do need a reiki master, at least at the start of your healing journey, for a number of reasons.

  1.  The first is that you will want to have an authentic practitioner with a high level of skill. Lots of people can say they know reiki, but a genuine master will be able to trace back their lineage, that is, their teacher, their teacher’s teacher, and so on, all the way back to the reiki master who systematized the teachings, Mikao Usui.

2. The second reason is to try the treatments, both in person, and from a distance. A reiki master can help you tune your energy even if you’re not in the same room with each other, which can be really useful if you have a very busy schedule.

3. The third reason is that a fully qualified reiki master with a verifiable lineage can serve as the gateway to your own journey of studying reiki and using it to heal yourselves, and perhaps even others. Level 1 studies would allow you to heal yourself. Level 2 studies would allow you to heal yourself and others, including your loved ones and even your pets.

When you are Reiki: You do not take on the illness of another You do not use your own energy for healing. You are trained to become a channel for this Source energy You will feel refresh and energized as you give healings to another because you receive the Source energy first and allow it to flow thru you.

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In order to start studying in earnest, you would need to go through a Reiki class and receive your Reiki training with a ceremony with a qualified reiki master. The ceremony is known as an attunement. During the attunement you receive symbols that are placed into your energy field  – like software is put into a computer to access higher programs more abilities.dai-ko-myo-the-master-reiki-symbolThis is the Dai-ko-myo the Master Reiki Symbol, that gives the Reiki student the strongest power and wisdom for bringing this Universal Life Force energy into the world and beaming it out to others to ease the pain and bring more joy into the world.

The attunement helps you tap into the healing energies within yourself and harnesses the power and knowledge of the reiki for your own health and well-being of body, mind and spirit. You should get to know the reiki master first and be confident you will respect them as a teacher and work well with them before undertaking to have an attunement.

If you want to heal yourself, or others, the first step will be to find a reiki master that you like and feel you wish to learn from. In this way you can get your attunement and progress along this healing path as you wish, from Level 1 right up to the highest levels of mastery if you choose.

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Testimonial from 2 students: Hi, I’m Iziah, I was born and raised in Ti-cities, Washington. I believe Reiki was intended for everyone; for the betterment of themselves and to offer a service to the world. It should be fundamental skills you use every day. If you want change, this helps you create it; instead of following all the distractions that have been put in your path.

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