DIY Winter Skin Products

DIY Winter Skin Products

In the winter season, you bundle up, enjoy fires in the evening, and might decorate your home for the holidays. While it can be a wonderful time of year, your beauty tends to take a beating, especially with your skin. Here are some DIY products you can make that will make a drastic difference.

DIY Products to Care for Your Winter Skin

Sugar Scrub with Honey

This first DIY product is perfect for caring for your skin in the winter. Raw honey is high up on the list of the best natural ingredients to help provide moisture to your skin, plus it really protects it from irritation and cracking due to the cold, fast winds. This sugar scrub can use either white sugar or brown sugar, though brown sugar is great for a seasonal flair. You can combine the sugar with just enough olive oil and raw honey to create a scrub consistency, then add some essential oils for scent. Vanilla is a wonderful scent to use for this scrub, but any scent will work great.

Lotion with Shea Butter

If you are interested in making your own lotion or body moisturizer for the winter, shea butter is definitely an ingredient you want to use. It is fairly easy to find and super easy to work with. You could always do a type of mask with shea butter and rinse it off, but for a traditional lotion, you might want to add a few more ingredients. First of all, you are going to add an oil, but test a few oils to figure out which is drying. Some people find coconut oil drying, while others don’t have a good reaction to the olive oil. Jojoba oil is another great oil to use. You will also need some essential oils for scent and aromatherapy for the lotion. You are using about 2 tablespoons of oil per ½ cup of shea butter, with just a few drops of your essential oils for this lotion.

Treatment for Dry Skin

This last DIY product is for dry skin, but it is more about treating dry and cracking skin, as opposed to a regular lotion to avoid dryness. This is also going to use shea butter and oil, but it will use more than one moisturizing oil, plus some beeswax and essential oils. The regular moisturizing oils to include are argan oil and coconut oil. You want to choose essential oils that are good for your skin, instead of just using them for scent. Some good options include lavender, rose, and frankincense.

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