DIY Fruity Essential Oil Christmas Blend

DIY Fruity Essential Oil Christmas Blend

Make a Fruity Christmas Blend

While many Christmas essential oil blends are centered around the forest trees and baked goods, don’t forget about the fruity varieties! Many holiday treats and sweets use a good amount of fruit, and can also be ideal during this time of year.

Christmas Cider

This first holiday fruity blend is meant to smell just like cider. Whether it is an apple cider or a fruity and spiced cider, it can make the inside of your home smell just like you have made a big bowl of fresh cider. There are quite a few variations to use, but it typically starts with sweet orange essential oil and your choice of spices. Some spices that work well include nutmeg and cinnamon, though you can add clove as well, or replace the
cinnamon with the clove.

Peppermint and Ylang Ylang

This next fruity holiday and Christmas essential oils blend offers you something a little different for this time of year, but it also includes just two different scents. This makes it a lot easier to combine and customize to your preferences. The only essential oils you need for this blend are peppermint and ylang ylang. As you know, the peppermint will smell similar to candy canes, so it is already a great fruity Christmas scent. Ylang ylang is a floral scent, which helps bring out the minty and fruity scents of the peppermint. These two blend very well together.

Orange, Clove, and Rosemary

Why not try a fun blend with orange and some spices? This is a wonderful fruity Christmas blend that provides the perfect combination between sweet, citrus fruit and holiday spices. You will start with any orange essential oil you want, though regular orange or sweet orange is best. The wild orange might be a little too earthy for this blend. You can then add in some clove for the classic Christmas spice, along with a little rosemary essential oil to really bring it over the top.

Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender

The great thing about this blend is that not only is it one of the fruity essential oil blends, but it also smells similar to candy canes and other fruity candies you have at Christmastime. Instead of orange for this one, you are going to use lemon instead. Citrus fruits are popular during the holiday season, so it is perfect. You will then add some peppermint essential oil and a little lavender to help balance it out.

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