Benefits of Raw Milk

Benefits of Raw Milk

Do you have any idea what are you putting in your body on a daily basis? You may think you’re consuming health food but if you buy groceries in the big supermarket chain, and all of the things you’re eating are not 100% natural – even though the sign says so on the packing. Every single thing you buy in some commercial packing has some chemical additive, and you must know that it is not entirely natural. Learn to read the labels.

benefits of raw milk

That is the same thing with milk too. If you’re living on the farm, you don’t have a problem eating healthy food. You’re intimately involved with what you’re eating and drinking cause you’re growing and processing the home products. There’s no place for cheating here. But, if you’re living in the city, you have a job, and there’s no time for a vegetable garden, and there may be a city ordinance against having milk cows in the city, that’s something else.

So, what’s the thing with the raw milk vs. pasteurized milk?

Many people don’t use milk in everyday nutrition. Some of them don’t like the taste, and some of them don’t like the effect that industrial milk has on their body and their digestion. Ok, they are not tripping.

Drinking industrial milk sets back our body. Our body and our digestion systems are not made to accept this over processed milk. What is the difference between this industrial and raw milk? Well, first of all, you can detect raw milk with one characteristic- raw milk is not pasteurized, and it has not been changed from the way mother nature made it.

Some medical experts say that it’s dangerous drinking milk that is not pasteurized, but, let’s talk honest, nobody will put himself in a dangerous situation by drinking let’s say, ten-day- old milk. We know that raw milk has to be put in our body while is still fresh. Another interesting fact is that raw milk can be produced hygienically, and it has some high health benefit. Also, the process of pasteurization “kills” some good things from raw milk- that is the same thing like “killing” vitamins from vegetables while cooking them.

To be more precise, here are benefits of drinking raw milk. Raw milk is rich in natural vitamins, mainly vitamin E, A and vitamin K, but also, is small amounts, with vitamin C and B- complex vitamins. Also, raw milk has in itself a huge amount of food enzymes-lactase, lipase, and phosphatase, and that are the substances that help your body to digest milk in the best possible way. Beneficial bacteria are also present in raw milk, and they need to be present in your body because they stimulate and train your immune system to function correctly as a baby. Also, Conjugated Linoleic Acid is another substance that exists in raw milk. The heat used in pasteurization ruins most of the substances. Thus, these are some of the benefits of raw milk that are good for your body, for our metabolism and our digesting system. But that’s not the only information that matters. You should be aware by knowing that when you consume raw milk, you’re helping small farmers and not big capitalistic corporations, and that’s a very important point. By knowing all this, after a glass of raw milk, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Tell us some of your experiences in finding raw milk and milk products.

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