Benefits of Healing Your Thyroid

Benefits of Healing Your Thyroid

Great health is the perfect gift you can get yourself and healing your thyroid will make you rediscover life in a way you never thought possible.

thyroid-GlandSome of the benefits you are sure to see include:

  • Increased energy
    Forget about breakfast coffee to power you through your day. A perfectly working thyroid will make you feel superhuman!
  • Sustainable weight loss
    Weight gain is one of the most annoying side effects of hypothyroidism. Healing your thyroid and continuing with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen will help you lose weight and keep it off.
  • Clarity of mind
    When everything in your body is working perfectly, you won’t have to fight yourself to remember something as simple as your colleague’s name.
  • Sleep like a baby
    Forget about the days of never getting enough sleep. With a healed thyroid, you are going to feel amazing and you will sleep like a baby.
  • Rediscover the fountain of youth
    Beautifully radiant skin and smooth, shiny locks are in your future! You will feel forever young with an added spring to your step thanks to a healed thyroid.

Take it one day at a time and follow these simple guidelines and before long, you will start experiencing and living life a new!

What’s the Correlation between the Liver, Inflammation and Thyroid?

Your body, like our planet, it is a network of interacting ecosystems that communicate to one another and influence one another in not just good ways but also bad ways. Your liver and thyroid are a perfect example of this ecosystem.

Thyroid hormones influence how cholesterol and all other lipids are broken down in your liver. This is why people with hypothyroidism have been shown to have higher cholesterol levels.

Thyroid hormones also affect the detoxification routes in the liver as well as insulin and other enzymes that metabolize medication and environmental toxins which we are exposed to on a daily basis. When this function is impaired, the increased toxic burden causes inflammation and results in a multitude of symptoms – one of which is weight gain.

The liver is responsible for many functions, and one of them is breaking down dietary fats so they can be used by the body to function optimally. The adequate production of bile is the key to this process. The liver secretes bile to break down fats so they can be absorbed into the body and used for energy. When your liver is not working properly as a result of inflammation or toxic overload, it stops producing enough bile and the fats are therefore not digested correctly and are instead stored as fat – hence the weight gain.

But it goes even further – dietary fats provide the building blocks the thyroid needs in order to function properly. When those fats are being stored rather than delivered the thyroid is not provided with what it needs to thrive. Research has looked at this connection between the role of the liver and thyroid and found that those with impaired bile flow are more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism.

But the good news is, once the bile starts flowing as it should, it will help to heal the thyroid and improve its functioning.

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