Are You Spiritual OR Religious?

Are You Spiritual OR Religious?

People often think that spirituality is similar to being religious. It is not necessarily the same and can be miles apart.

Can People can be both religious and spiritual?  Yes, but not many survive the religious doctrine. Does it mean it is also possible to be religious without being spiritual or to be spiritual without being religious?

Can a temple be spiritual?


Discover the difference between a church and a spiritual practice in this article.

You might dress-up and go to church every Sunday, and you say your prayers every day. Does this mean you are a spiritual person?



You meditate and practice yoga every day. Does this habit mean you are a spiritual person?



You belong to a group practicing spirituality and you’re devoted to following the schoolings of the group. Could this indicate you are a spiritual man or woman?


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What does “being a spiritual person” mean?

A spiritual person is a considerate person.  They are an integral part of Mother Earth, and they care for all others around them. Are you a person whose highest priority is loving yourself and others? A spiritual person cares about life, about other people, animals, and keeping the planet – our home – clean. A spiritual person knows that we are all One, and consciously strives to honor this Oneness.


So, you can go to a particular building (church) every Sunday, you can say your prayers every day, but still if you’re not loving or honoring yourself, others and the planet, you are not spiritual.


You can focus on your breathing, do yoga exercises and meditate every day but still be unconscious of that inner part of you which is all loving. You are not spiritual.


Are you aware of having unhappy thoughts and actions?  You can have anger and resentment while doing yoga. You might be critical and judgmental of all the members of the meditation group and still try to follow the teachings, and yet, be unaware of your connection with God.


When a person is emotionally wounded and feeling resentment they cannot love freely. There is a healing process where you release your dark energy, blocked love, heal your wounded being, released fear, anger, resentment, and judgment.  Then you can more easily love yourself and others.

Reiki and Laser Reiki are very good for clearing and healing this blockedenergy.


Additionally, there are other people who do not practice any religion, they do not meditate, or belong to any particular group, but who are very spiritual people. These loving people do sweet and kind things for others and support humanitarian efforts. They naturally think about how they can help humanity at all levels. Their thoughts are sympathetic rather than judgmental toward themselves and others. When you look at them, you see their compassion in their hearts.


There are many religious people who are not kind.  They might even pray to that God of judgment and punishment. We have seen religious women and men who are extremely critical, judgmental, righteous, and outright mean. That’s too bad their path is not supporting Love.


Can you be both religious and spiritual? Of course, you can! But only when you are serving in your religion from your heart rather than from the hardcore dogma of your training ingrained in your mind.

You also have a brain in your stomach. What does your stomach feel about the words you’re saying and the actions you are taking? It is your Soul talking to you.

Some months ago, I very briefly attended a so-called “spiritual” group. People would meet in a conference room to hear the guru leader of the group speak. The second time I attended, I overheard some parents yelling at their children, criticizing them, and trying to control them. These parents were not kind to their children. That was the last time I attended this so-called spiritual group. The focus of the group was submission to God, but love was seldom mentioned! They obviously had a very different opinion of God than I did. This group did not feel good to me, and my heart was broken thinking about how the children were emotionally abused by people who claimed to be on an honorable path.


People need to walk their talk.

If you are spiritual, then you have love in your heart. There is no room for judgment, anger, and other harsh emotions. If you have those emotions, you are a wounded person. You need to heal yourself first before you can feel the Love that you are.

In my heart, God is the energy of Love, and we are It. It is within us, and the love easily flows out of our heart area to others. Reiki is love.  Reiki is an ancient method of healing yourself and others. It is said to be at least 4000 years old.


Where is God?

If you pray to a God that is outside of you, then you can never be One with it.  There is nothing outside of you but an illusion to distract you from finding the God within.

If you desire to be a spiritual person, you need to heal your wounds. People feel that they are not “good enough” for God because of something they felt about being “not worthy” of the love of spirit. Energetically they push God away.

God clouds Only when you heal yourself of all negative emotions, and you let compassion be your guiding light can you claim to be Spiritual.  You then can have kindness toward yourself, toward others, toward animals, and toward this beautiful planet that is our home.



Recognize that we all are the spark of love coming from the God inside us and when we practice and learn how to go into our hearts, will we learn to accept that love.  By going within, you can recognize and experience the Oneness of all that is. This is very healing for you and all those around you!

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