Anti – Anxiety and Depression Diets

Anti – Anxiety and Depression Diets

Dietary Changes That Can Help with Anxiety and Depression

Over the last few decades, research done by scientists has found that there are more links between diet and human emotional health than they previously thought. Armed with this knowledge, and entire new field way of looking at nutrition has emerged and people are now considering the serious implications of this newer information, but what kinds of changes can people make to help with their moods? Here are some anxiety and depression diets that will help treat your mental states, conditions, and stress more naturally.

Anxiety and Depression Diets


Along with their ability to fight cancer, antioxidants help to combat depression as well. Some components of depression can be caused by the overtaxing of the immune system and general physical health of your body. If you can relieve some of that stress, the body will become more balanced and may experience some mood improvement effects. Vitamin C has been long associated with its ability to improve the mood of humans, and continues to be a good choice as an addition to any diet. They are also great at fighting inflammation that can contribute to feeling annoyed in general.

Complex Carbs

An overabundance of sugar in your diet can affect your mood negatively. These sugars that are food in snack cakes and the confectionery that is popular seem to have a negative effect on serotonin levels. On the contrary, complex carbs like those found in vegetables like broccoli, and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes are associated with calming effects on the brain. This calming effect will definitely be needed if a person is suffering from some type of anxiety that either stems from a source of a lack of the proper chemical responses in the brain. Being sure to get some of these a few times a week can greatly help to improve your wellbeing.


Selenium is one of the nutrients that science is entirely clear that it can be supplemented. In 1957 a whole herd of sheep were cured of  White Muscle Disease (WMD)-stiff Lamb Disease-nutritional Muscular Dystrophy.

What is White muscle disease- it is a degenerative muscle disease found in all large animals. It is caused by a deficiency of selenium and/or vitamin E. Veterinarians know how to supplement the animals with Selenium.  Could this be the cure for Fibromyalgia, MS and other fatigue diseases. 

Besides taking the supplement of Selenium it is suggested people should concentrate on getting their selenium from the food that they eat. Foods that contain selenium tend to be things like Brazil nuts, seafood, meats and beans. One study says whole grains are good, but if the soil does not contain the selenium in the soil the plants cannot give it to you. Wheat farmers are NOT putting Selenium back into the soil so the plants can give it to you.

Nowadays when people eat wheat, rye, barley and oats it cause inflammation of tissue.

This was terrible news for me because I was raised on sandwiches – my family had a sandwich company. We’ve all been brainwashed that bread is good for us!  Not true today! The soils are depleted of the correct minerals, the soils are full of poisonous chemicals – not healthy- and maybe grains are not the ideal diet for humans.   This might be true because grains were made for cows to digest with their 4 stomachs.

Most of these seeds have been GMO’d and the ground and plants sprayed with Monsanto’s RoundUp –  it’s poison for human bodies. So eating bread these days might be adding to the large number of sicknesses. Corporations have the highest paid scientist that are putting the almighty dollar ahead of our health.

The one thing that they do know for a fact is that having low selenium can definitely be a factor when you have low serotonin and are feeling like you are approaching a foul mood.

Will adding these trace mineral to your diet end anxiety and depression?

Selenium is an amazing essential trace mineral that is important for many bodily processes, including your skin, cognitive function, a healthy immune system, a full head of hair and fertility in both men and women.

“It contributes to thyroid hormone metabolism and DNA synthesis, and it helps protect against oxidative damage and infection,” according to the United States (U.S.) Office of Dietary Supplements.

The amount of selenium in food often depends on the selenium concentration of the soil and water where farmers grew or raised the food. In Washington State there is hardly any selenium in the soil, so animals are getting sick with muscle disease because of a trace mineral deficiency. The farmers have to supplement lots of Selenium  to their flocks in Washington or livestock do not thrive and then die. What if Fibromyalgia and MS could be healed by taking a Selenium supplement?

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