Anna Is Missing

Anna Is Missing

Missing Anna disappearance clairvoyant psychic mediumIn May of 2015, a friend of mine contacted me stating that she was going to send me a flyer on a young woman deemed officially, “Missing”. Since my friend and I do not live in the same state and I rarely watch the news anymore, I was completely unfamiliar with the story as well as any details associated with it. My friend explained to me that the missing woman and her daughter had friends in common and for some reason my friend stated that she was having vivid dreams about the missing girl. She felt anxious about the situation and thought I might be able to provide some insight or at the very least verify some of the things she had been seeing in her visions. You see my friend has psychic abilities, and felt hopeful that between the two of us, we could help find the missing woman.

It did not take me long after viewing the young woman’s photograph to connect with her. Initially, her image was so vivid I had difficulty discerning as to her state of being. Was she still alive or was she in spirit? That was very important for me to ascertain. Was Anna alive and if so, where was she or did Anna meet with foul play and if so by whose hand?

Upon connecting with Anna, she stood before me in a floral dress, her dress covered with dried leaves and dirt. I asked Anna to describe to me where she is. She exclaims that she does not like being dirty and that it is very bothersome for her to be covered in dirt. She is obviously agitated that she has gotten her dress dirty. She stops briefly from brushing the dried leaves, dirt and outdoor debris from her dress, to tell me that there is a bright light shining in her eyes. Anna asked me, “Why are you shining that light in my eyes?” Anna continues to explain that her mouth is very dry and it feels as if there is something in her mouth. I suddenly see the image of her sitting in a chair, her hands and feet are bound, and she has a cloth stuffed in her mouth.

I ask Anna to look around and tell me what she hears, sees, and smells.

Anna replies, “I hear a dog barking”. “What do you smell, Anna?” I asked her. She says, “Just dirt, I have dirt in my nose”. I ask Anna to look around, and tell me what you see, she says, “I see a fence”. I ask Anna to describe the fence to me as best she can. Anna describes the fence as being partially a wood fence then a chain link fence attached to that. “Anna, listen carefully, what do you hear, right at this moment, what do you hear?” I asked. She replied, “I hear music, but it’s off into the distance”.

I began to see images of her in what I believed to be her home. I saw her in her bedroom. Her bedcover is a light pink color. I see her forcefully thrown onto her bed by a male. Anna appeared to be in a physical altercation with this male. I continued questioning Anna asking her “Is it warm where you are?” Anna replied, “It is cold and damp and I am covered with dirt”. Initially I could not see who spoke to me, but I heard someone say, “She has not found her way yet, she must find her way”.

I asked Anna if she knows who did this to her? She replies, “Chica”, indicating that at least one female she has been in contact with since she went missing is responsible along with the male I saw earlier in her bedroom. I feel very strongly that the male and female know each other and are somehow involved in Anna’s disappearance and possible demise. A Psychic Medium must rely on intuition as much as audible and visual information. The intuitive portion of information arrives on a subconscious level. You do not know how you know something, but you just do know it, and know it to be true. We all have this gift, most choose to shut it off, tune it out or simply dismiss it.

I become aware of a Native American warrior standing at Anna’s side. He stands at the side of Anna to protect her. I asked him, “Who are you protecting her from?” He replied, “The predators”. Anna speaks out and gives reference to a trailer park and shows me images of her being beaten, pushed down an embankment or side of a hill and rolling into or placed into hole or depression in the ground. Anna added that she knows the girl she referred to as Chica, that she has red hair and many ear piercings. Anna states that she is waiting for someone to find her, that she wants her mother to know where she is before she can move forward, perhaps to that brilliant light shining in her eyes that she spoke of earlier.

A week or so after I made this connection with Anna, my friend informed me that the news reported the discovery of Anna’s body at her home and that the boyfriend was being questioned as a suspect in Anna’s disappearance and ultimate death. I was relieved for Anna. Her body finally discovered, her mother knows where she is and Anna will receive justice and is free to move forward, toward the light she claims I was shining in her eyes.

Gale Stein

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium


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  1. Spirits don’t want to be forgotten. It’s always heartbreaking to hear of a murder.

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