An Adventure within the Palace continued

An Adventure within the Palace continued

Here’s an image that helped me – I like metaphors. (I hope those outside the UK will understand it too!)
I think I’ve made a breakthrough today in realizing that I already have all my power, just a lot of tail enders (Yes – but) in the way about how, why, where and when it operates. I’ve been acting like a transformer, taking 240v of electricity power from the socket but only outputting 9v because of the reduction effect of all those tail enders.

I have energy like a transformer electricity power

This was getting to be fun by this stage because I was getting to some real core issues – and moving through them at such a rate. I’ve never known anything like EFT for doing this so fast. Having a coach meant that I wasn’t spending so much time wandering around in my head feeling confused, or ‘zoned out’ because I didn’t want to face it. I was also laughing a lot – at myself and my ‘ridiculous’ beliefs. Note my affirmation included easily and joyfully!

The one that made me almost fall over with laughter, was when I wrote:

“It’s going to take me a long time to get to all of my tail enders – after all there must be loads of them and they must be really deep and inaccessible” Must they indeed?

Oh, I had fun tapping on:

“Just for today, I say pooh to life being difficult and to me being difficult”

Life is like pushing huge rocks up steep hillsFor a long time I’ve held the belief that life is like pushing huge rocks up steep hills. When you get one up to the top, there’s always another one to go.

Now, I’ve realized that it isn’t like that at all. What’s needed is to allow the rock to roll down the hill, having first cleared away any debris or obstructions, by giving it a gentle push and watching it roll with more and more power right down the hill. And, of course, we have EFT to clear away the debris!

I got the sense after that that there was one more quite deep-seated issue to deal with. I didn’t know what it was, so I tapped on keeping an open mind to the answer coming to me anytime anyplace. I could just feel it vaguely inside, like a lump in my chest.

It was later the same day that someone mentioned a word that just echoed so loudly in my mind: “Inadequacy”. I don’t remember hearing what else she said for about 5 minutes, just the loud resounding plop of a penny dropping. So, I had my answer.

I haven’t completely resolved inadequacy, but I have definitely been able to accept it better after some tapping and that seemed to clear the last block.

Two days later, my husband accepted a full-time job, and asked for more money than was originally offered, which, when annualized and tax has been deducted comes to – you guessed it, the exact amount I’d been tapping for per month! I had no input into the amount that he got – even he didn’t know what I was really tapping for. AND it’s a job that he really loves. EFT had a part to play in that too, as he had used it to finally overcome his redundancy of 10 years ago.

By the way, the really interesting thing is that he got his job at the end of January – only TWO WEEKS after I’d started this process!! I don’t want you to think that I was abandoning my husband and children, staying up all night just to tap, or anything weird like that – I just tapped a few times a day and was persistent in tracking down the tail enders  (Remember from the 1st article Yes-buts). Having someone to help me see the ones I couldn’t see was so beneficial, and I’d recommend this to anyone struggling with abundance issues right now. Go get a coach! Preferably someone who’s actually done it for themselves rather than someone who just ‘knows’ it.

Now I’m tapping for his bonuses! And I’ll tap for a little boost to my EFT practice. But not too much – remember, I don’t want to work too hard!

I would like to mention that I seemed to go through a period of grieving after this success; possibly grieving for the person I was, all my old beliefs that I had shaken off, all my old fears. It was good to let go of all this emotional baggage though and I felt so much lighter.

I’m now off to explore some of the other rooms in my palace now and I don’t intend to ever stop. I hope this palace is limitless.

Thank you Gary Craig for a wonderful way to make life happen in the way you want it to be. Now I think I know it and I’ve got it – I’m living it every day, which is the really big difference.

Yes, I have the money I wanted, but I also have so much more happiness, joy, understanding and, most of all, love and acceptance of myself. I now feel I can manifest whatever I want!

PS: It wasn’t until reviewing this for write up that George revealed that I had unconsciously limited myself quite early on by changing his original affirmation. Two very important words that might make a huge difference

“I easily, consistently and joyfully receive AT LEAST £10,000 a month”

By Marian Mills

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