An Adventure within the Palace

An Adventure within the Palace

by Marian Mills EFT-Adv

I have a story that I hope will inspire others to look into the wonderful Palace of Possibilities, or maybe re-visit it. I had watched the DVDs so I knew all about affirmations and tail-enders. I was even booked to give a talk at a local therapy centre about it a year ago, but I cancelled at the last minute! Because although I knew it, I didn’t really get it.

seeing colours in auras after EFTJust before Christmas there was an EFT forum post where a woman was suddenly seeing colours in auras after doing a lot of clearing with EFT. Scientist George wrote a post to the effect that it was just the tip of the tip of the iceberg of our human potential and asked anyone interested in going further in using EFT to develop our potential to contact him. I did contact him. We got to talk via the internet in mid January and both of us concluded that releasing me from financial worries was the first step. George said that he’d used Gary’s affirmation / tail ender process several times with great success and would coach me if I wanted.

What are tail ender? “Affirmations are an often used means for personal change but sometimes they appear not to work. Why? Because of the “yes-buts” that can subtly follow the affirmation. We call these “tail enders” and they play an important role in how our lives unfold.” from

Working with an EFT coach helped me enormously when I really started to focus on abundance issues.

My husband & I had always had a variable income with him working short-term contracts and my EFT practice in a fairly remote rural location. As you might imagine, there often wasn’t enough coming in to meet all the necessary outgoings and Christmas had stretched us to the limit. So the most important thing to me was to get a steady income that provided for all the outgoings, just to stabilize things.

Gary’s affirmation on the DVD’s was “I easily, consistently earn $40,000 a year.” George helped me to eliminate some of the limitations in that affirmation and mine became like one that George had used successfully:

“ I easily, consistently and joyfully bring in £x,000 per month” (there was a specific amount in place of the ‘x’)

Cash abundance I attract money every month

Just saying it felt so uncomfortable, so I tinkered with it a bit. What made the biggest difference was changing the last part to “receive £x,000 per month”.

This really helped me to get out of the worries of how it was going to happen.

I crashed through a whole pile of tail enders  (yes, -but) in a few half hour tapping sessions over the next days.
You know the kind, I’m sure

o  I’d have to work so hard I’d never have time off for fun or family
o  I’d feel tired and drained all the time
o  I’d have to do something really boring and not in line with my aspirations at all
o  The maths doesn’t add up for a therapy income
o  Therapists just don’t earn good money – they get their rewards from seeing they’ve helped someone else.
o  Even if my husband gets a job, it won’t last for long anyway.
o  I’m playing a fool’s game here – taking silly risks to avoid doing what I know that I should do (that one was definitely my father’s voice!)

At this point, saying the affirmation gave me a nice warm glow feeling and a few ideas about how it would feel safer and more secure with a regular income, but I couldn’t hold onto that feeling for more than a few seconds before the tail enders came crashing back in and it faded away.

By this time I really needed my coach as I would say I was into the more tricky blocks. I started to blank out at just thinking about the affirmation. I couldn’t think what to tap on – it felt like a complete shut down inside. It even turned into a head cold which gave me the idea that I was over-using my head at the time, so I sort of sat back from the problems and asked George for some help.

EFT – Tapping on

“Even though I don’t have a clue what this blankness is about, I choose to send myself some nice insights”
helped me to realise that the ‘blank’ was a fear of doing something on my own.

So after some tapping around this I came up with an idea. Here’s what I wrote at the time.
Just like we are completely provided for when babies in our mother’s womb by the placenta, so too, once we have cut that cord, we still have a spiritual ‘placenta’. I envisage it like a vast storehouse of wonderful things/feelings/thoughts that are all mine. All I need to do is to open the door between myself and that room by achieving a higher vibrational level) for it to flow to me. Also, I saw a crowd of ‘people’ in that room all encouraging me, desperately wanting to be able to give me all the good things in that room. It is there for each one of us, and we need to bring as much of our own store rooms onto the planet as we can for the benefit of all.

It has helped me to get around the idea that there is only a limited amount of anything. When I open the door to my store room and start allowing more to come through, I am enriching the sum total of what is available on the planet for all to share. Yet again I realize that there really are no limits.

Then came a tail ender I didn’t spot for myself. What if saying “receive” rather than “bring in” meant that I wasn’t actually using my own efforts to attract the money? It felt somehow important to do it on my own, to prove something to myself, so how could I do that if he earned the money?
So I tapped on all my beliefs about my self worth, that I am not defined by money, my bank balance doesn’t reflect my value as a person, that I put my effort in to being who I am and that that is just as deserving of reward as slogging away in an office all day long. I made a few side affirmations which I pasted to my wall
I can have fun and money flows easily to me

I am worth £100,000 p.a. just for being me

Just for today I focus on being myself

Just for today I choose to relax, have fun and enjoy life.

The next tail ender to come up was what I called a ‘biggie’ and I think many of us have this to some degree.
If this works for me, or rather, if I make this work for me, then it means I have such huge power ….. and I no longer have any excuses not to do things ….. and then I feel so overwhelmed by it all, along with a fear that I won’t be able to share my ‘truth’ with others because I’ll have moved even further away from their reality.

Again, a helpful suggestion from George moved things on. He suggested I make a list of all the things I ‘should do’ if I really was truly all-powerful! Well, that one blew me away for a while, so I continued tapping with all of those wonderful tail enders.

If I am truly ALL-POWERFUL I should:

o use all my power and energy to do things for the benefit of everyone
o work hard at it
o not take time off for fun and relaxation
o feel overwhelmed and guilty about not doing enough
o make difficult decisions about where to direct my power
o take responsibility for all that is ’wrong’ in the world, whatever that may be
o take uncomfortable risks
o risk others’ disapproval/anger
o be visible in the world – feel drained by what people ‘want’ or ‘need’ from me
o change – me and my life
o risk failure

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