Affirmations Work Now!

Affirmations Work Now!

New Energy Available

Whatever you desire to be, or desire to have, can happen with the strange new energies available all over the world now. The solar system is rotating through a high-energy area of the galaxies known as the photon belt. Approximately 1000 years of our time will go by while we are in this high energy system.

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That’s why certain prophecies have predicted 1000 years of peace. Now we are not going from the current chaos to peace like someone threw a switch but things will gradually get better as we go through various hick-ups with things we like and things we don’t like as everything tries to smooth itself out. The “Takers” who have been in charge of this asylum for the past several thousand years will begin to lose their grip on us.

That brings us to affirmations. How do we construct them to work with these new energies. Who or what hears them? Incidentally, affirmations have always worked to some extent if they were constructed properly. It just took long enough for the results to arrive that we may have forgotten that we actually made those results happen.

There is an innate part of our consciousness that is specifically designed to make our affirmations come true. The old fable about Aladdin and his lamp was put together to remind us that there was a mechanism in place to make good things happen for us.

Instead of rubbing a lamp we construct affirmations in a certain way. Instead of a genie there is an innate division of the subconscious mind dedicated to getting us anything we want. It operates as, and prefers to be called, your life manager. That’s who people have been communicating with when they muscle tested to check if they needed a certain food supplement or vitamin etc. when they shop the health food stores.

In actuality your life manager will answer any question for you that can be answered with a yes, a no, a number or percentage since it actually knows more about you than you do.

Example; since you can’t know what traffic is like between where you are now and your destination and there are two or more routes to get there you can muscle test which is the best route for you to take today. This exact test kept us from being stuck in a blizzard, with all traffic stopped, several years ago on our way from Olympia Washington to North of Seattle Washington in a snowstorm.

To learn proper ways to do muscle testing study the book; Power versus Force by David Hawkins M.D. PhD. Twenty years and thousands of double-blind experiments and studies with the accumulated data assure you of correct results.

Next we need to show you how to construct affirmations that get results, but first I want to alert you to a couple of quirks the life managers have.

1. They don’t hear expressions such as “don’t want”, “never” and any other negative you may use in a sentence.

Example; “I never want to marry a rat like that again”! This is always stated with a lot of emotion and feeling to anyone who will listen.

Here is what the life manager hears and takes as its orders; “I want to marry a rat like that again”

We’ve all seen this situation take place. Because it was stated often with a lot of feeling they were soon with someone at least as bad as or worse than the one they had before because your life manager is serious about its job and always wants to give you a plus if possible.

2. Affirmations always must be stated as completed when you make them because life managers are completely unaware of time. Again time just does not exist for them.

Examples: Life manager I am grateful that you have found me a great late model Ford pickup truck for very little money and on great terms.

Life manager I am grateful that you have helped me find my perfect mate with all the attributes I crave.

Let your imagination and your desires be your guide. Just remember that all affirmations have to state that whatever you desire has already happened.

A modern definition for an affirmation; Affirmations are declarations, made with feeling, about things I have accomplished in my consciousness that may or may not have shown up yet for me in this physical time type world.

Let me stress again the “feeling” part because it is the key that makes affirmations happen for you. It is the only part that was not stressed in the famous book and video The Secret. That is the main reason those who studied that series had very little success.

You’ve probably guessed by now that your life manager is fully in charge of that law of nature called the law of attraction, or love, the glue that holds all things together.

If you happen to be someone who would rather call your affirmation or prayer, all the same rules apply and you can call that innate part of you whatever strikes your sense of what’s right. Remember no matter what you decide to call your life manager, it has always been there, getting for you whatever it understood you wanted from your talk and your thoughts. Look back over your life and I’m sure you’ll recognize some havoc you’ve caused yourself because you just didn’t know how these things worked until now.

We look forward to hearing about your results now that you’ve decided to live life on purpose rather than by accident!

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