A New Life without Fear

A New Life without Fear

You are never too old to spring into a healthy life of joy. My marriage was domestic violence with several addictions and mental illness, I wanted out. At the apex of my crisis, I cried from my heart, “Please help me God, I really do not want to die”. Within minutes, days and over time, opportunities came to me to renew my life into serenity, harmony, and well being.

During my last thirty years, I found the key of holistic health. 

Several quotes directed me to question what I learned in my early years. Edgar Cayce, The Father of Holistic Health, declared, “There are in truth no incurable conditions…”

Sleeping Prophet - Edgar Cayce
Sleeping Prophet – Edgar Cayce

Also, the quote, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”. II Corinthians 5:17 found me searching for new answers.

Through my search for truth I found the steps for growing into a higher consciousness that works for all life’s problems and illness. This process brings a loving life of happiness and health.  It is based in the relationship between physical, emotional, mental, and spirituality.  To improve my physical health, I stopped taking medications or eating toxic foods.  It was necessary to replace my old mind set with affirmations of truth.  Releasing my angers, fears, and other negative emotions allowed space to replace them with love and grace.  My communication shift became more caring and less egocentric.

When I realized that what I do not know about myself runs my life, my major focus became the exploration of my inner self. With my new outlook I was able to release the inner subliminal obstructions to my health and wellbeing. I built a new foundation for living on universal principles.

Adding meditation brought peace of mind and reality to my life. Understanding happiness is an inside job and that it is never reached with drugs was information that worked for me. Having a conscious faith, I could address a higher purpose in life-the unlimited potential all of us have to empower others and ourselves.

This course of action transformed my life from future suffering. The realization that I am able to direct positive energy for beneficial and practical results rather than continue to allow my fears to run my life was transforming. While applying my new behaviors and thinking I was declared sane by my psychiatrist.

I faced my final fear last year. I had been traumatized in a  childhood experience in an Octopus ride at a

Seattle Sunset
Seattle Sunset

local community fair.  When I realized that I could change fear to faith  and would be safe, I had a glorious experience. As I approached the top of the huge ferris wheel ride on the waterfront of Seattle, an orange sunset appeared that filled the sky.  Puget Sound, the water below, and the windows of the Seattle buildings behind had turned to orange. Later, I was told in meditation that an orange sky represents Christ Consciousness.

“The Christ Consciousness…is the only source of healing for a physical or mental body.”  Edgar Cayce # 60-4.

“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.”

~ II Corinthians 5:17

By Marilyn L. Redmond


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