7 Ways to Heal Your Thyroid

7 Ways to Heal Your Thyroid

So far we have established that your thyroid plays an essential role in regulating metabolism. Along with cortisol and insulin, the thyroid hormone completes the trio of hormones that control your energy, metabolism, and weight.

The first step to healing your thyroid is to undergo proper medical testing to confirm whether a sluggish thyroid is a reason behind your loss of energy, irritability, and uncontrolled weight gain among other problems. Once you are sure of the answer, there are many ways in which you can heal your thyroid and go back to your energetic, happier and slimmer self.

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There are seven main ways of healing your thyroid:

1. Eliminate all causes of hypo/ hyperthyroidism

Start by running an audit of your lifestyle dating back to when you started experience the symptoms of thyroid problems. The best place to start with is your diet. Eliminate all processed foods and instead focus on fresh, healthy, natural and unprocessed foods, preferably organic.

You can also test to find out whether you are allergic to gluten as this can result in inflammation and consequently hypothyroidism.

Supporting your body’s natural detoxification process will also help your thyroid. Utilizing a comprehensive nutritional cleanse program can be the jumpstart you need to healing your thyroid.

Avoid foods and anything you get in contact with that’s doused with chemicals. You can start growing a few veggies organically in your kitchen garden or buying organic food at farmers’ markets.

Stress is another contributor to hypothyroidism. Change your attitude towards life and surround yourself with positive energy.

2. Exercise on a regular basis

Regular exercise boosts tissue sensitivity and boost thyroid gland secretions. Do exercises that will get your heart pumping and your body sweating. After working up a healthy sweat, you can relax in a sauna and help your body get rid of excess toxins through sweating.

3. Support your thyroid nutritionally

Healing for your thyroid depends on a healthy and balanced nutrition. You can boost the secretion of thyroid hormones by taking iodine, zinc, vitamins A & D and omega-3 fats. Thyroid –healthy foods include sea veggies including seaweed, wild caught fish especially salmon and sardines, dark leafy greens including dandelions and mustard and other whole foods.

The secret is to avoid foods that can negatively impact on your thyroid such as gluten and processed foods.

4. Drink bottled water that does not contain any fluoride

Most at-home water filters can’t filter fluoride from your tap water so opt for bottled water that does not contain fluoride. Be sure to read labels because many bottled waters do contain fluoride. Look for brands that use reverse osmosis as the method of removing impurities.

5. Use water purifier

Water purifier, also known as MMS, can be added to your bottled water. Just a few drops a day kills bacteria, viruses, most mold, fungus and oxidizes heavy metals in the body. After few weeks of taking the water purification drops, you will be happy to discover a healthier thyroid and a whole new world of well-being.

Other benefits include shedding unwanted weight, and their thinking improves – brain fog goes out the door, you have more energy, your skin is smoother and takes on a new glow. in short a variety of nagging little problems associated with the thyroid and other ailments that you’ve tolerated for years will vanish besides.

6. Supplement your food

Ideally, you should get all your nutrition from fresh and natural food. But, if you suffer from hypothyroidism, you may need to help out your thyroid by taking some mineral supplements in order to boost the healing process.

You can supplement with a multivitamin and a mineral supplement containing vitamins A & D, omega3 3 fatty acids – fish oil, selenium, zinc and iodine. However, first consult with your doctor before starting on any supplements.

7. Get tested today

There is no single symptom that will perfectly point you towards a thyroid problem. The surest thing you can do to get you a proper diagnosis is to look at all your symptoms, run physical tests and run blood tests.

You can go to a general practitioner or a specialist to get tested for thyroid issues. The important thing is that you get thorough testing done. Ask your doctor to run exhaustive tests so you know for sure if you have a thyroid problem or not.

You must request a full thyroid panel – if your doctor only tests TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) the diagnosis can be missed because it has been found that this test alone does not provide enough information to rule out a diagnosis. The TSH level may return in the “normal” range despite that you may, in fact, have hypothyroidism.

Be your own advocate and schedule to have a full thyroid panel done.

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