5 Things to improve your manifesting skills NOW!

5 Things to improve your manifesting skills NOW!

Whether you are new to the Universal Law of Attraction or a long time conscious practitioner, this list can help you fine-tune your manifesting skills and have you in the creative grove before you know it!

5 steps improve manifestation alternative resources directory news1. Make how you feel top priority at ALL TIMES– We live in a vibrational universe, and to manifest your goals and dreams it is essential that the energy of your emotions are working with you. This means paying attention to your emotions and what you are feeling as often as possible. It may seem selfish but if you aren’t functioning at your highest or feeling your best, you won’t be acting and making decisions from your highest self and that means you won’t be providing those you care about with the best version of yourself possible. Focusing on how you feel is a loving act that will benefit all of those you care about in ways far beyond the time it takes to notice.

Plus you can get what you want, win-win!

Over a year ago I wanted to manifest four clients for my coaching business in one week. So I used this tactic and paid very close attention to how “in the flow” I felt from moment to moment. The result was four new coaching clients before my deadline and a super high-flying attitude to boot!

2. Do something different– When you notice that you are feeling something you don’t want, that feeling is a clear sign that you are thinking or doing something not in alignment with who you are or what you want. So in that moment, when you realize you don’t like how you are feeling, do something different. Think about something that makes you feel good or do something small that brings you joy. The goal is to reduce the energetic momentum and resistance of the thought or action causing the unwanted feeling. Then you can change your emotional state and get back in alignment with your highest self. Your highest self lives in a state of joy and unconditional love. Feelings you deem “bad” are a message from your soul to please take action and do something different!

A few years ago I was working on the final project for my coaching certification program and I needed to show I could manifest money. I told the class that I would manifest $200 outside my normal wages by the end of the week. What I really wanted however was $10,000. It was nearing the end of the week and I was feeling depressed and sad that I wasn’t going to manifest even $200. So I called a coaching friend and participated in an awesome group event that left me feeling alive and joyful. I did something different. Five minutes after I finished the group event I got a call saying that I was being given $10,000 out of the blue. Needless to say I passed the project.

3. Go eat a sandwich– One of the biggest challenges to manifesting things quickly is paying attention to the absence of what you want. When you have clearly set a goal or decided on what you want, your work is done! By all means feel free to spend time seeing and feeling yourself in possession of what you want. However do your best to remove any awareness of the absence of that goal in your life and focus on something that makes you happy…like eating a sandwich.

A few years ago I was in a job that I had started out loving. However over the course of the next couple years it became more and more out of alignment with what I wanted to do. One evening I remember making the decision that I was done with this job. I felt the finality of the decision but I didn’t dwell on it. I went home and had a great workout and dinner with my family. The next morning, I got a call from someone asking me if I would like a job in their department. I told no one about my decision the night before. I changed jobs within a month. I didn’t go eat a sandwich but I did have dinner.

4. No what if, but AS IF – The surest way to bring what you want into existence is to make decisions in your life as if you are already in possession of your dream or goal. This vibrational universe we live in doesn’t make a distinction between past, present, or future. When you can “feel” as if you already have what you want you are in perfect alignment with what you want and it cannot help but come into physical existence. So act as if you already have what you want. Do you want a boyfriend? Make space in the closet and give him a drawer. Want a new car? Go buy seat covers or fuzzy dice. Want to buy a house? Go get a sign for the door with your last name or a statue for the lawn.

7 years ago my husband and I wanted to have kids. We had both been married before and while I had one child from a previous marriage, we both had medical conditions that made having a child together highly unlikely. That didn’t stop us. We knew we would need a bigger car so we bought a mini-van. We knew that our life-style wasn’t conducive to kids so we settled down and got a dog. We even bought a new house that would have sufficient room for our kids. Today we have two beautiful kids together and they always remind us of the power of acting as-if.

5. Recognize the signs– One of the biggest keys to manifestation and spiritual growth is recognition. This means when you feel like what you want is coming or you see signs that what you want is on the way, acknowledge those things with acceptance and gratitude. The Universe likes to know you are aware it is working for you so give thanks when you see the signs and you will be rewarded with more! Then before you know it, you will have built even more belief in your creative power and what you want will manifest.

A little over a month ago I was feeling like I wanted to try reading tarot cards. My husband had a set but I had never really been interested before. I am not one to wait around once I have made a decision so I immediately decided to start finding a deck. However I kept feeling like I wouldn’t have to worry about finding my own deck. I would be driving by one of the stores that sold tarot cards and I would feel the pull to keep driving and not stop. So I acknowledged those feeling as a sign the Universe was working on my behalf. The next day a friend brought in two decks of tarot cards she thought I might want, and no I hadn’t told her about my desire. A week later another friend gave me the deck I use today. Thank you Universe!

Lesley Doyle

Success and Transformational Coach

Reiki Master

CEO and recovering Engineer


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