18 Green Acts for Health and Our Planet

18 Green Acts for Health and Our Planet

Here are 18 green actions you can take to increase your overall health and make the world a better place for a green earth.

1. Plant a Tree

Trees provide the earth’s oxygen, absorb harmful chemicals from the air, and create ecosystems that provide perfect habitats and food for animals like birds, rabbits, and insects

2. Carpool

Carpool to cut down on the number of cars on the road, which cuts down the amount of pollutants in the air

3. Conserve Energy

Shut off unnecessary lights to conserve energy and electricity

4. Grow an Organic Garden

Grow an organic garden – eat pesticide free food that you grow so you know where it comes from, what’s in it, and how it was grown

5. Get News Online

Get your news online and cancel the newspaper delivery to save the trees used to make the paper, and to save landfills from excess trash

6. Recycle

Recycle plastics, paper, aluminum, glass and metals, to cut down overconsumption of earth’s resources, reduce the amount of trash in landfills, and cut the cost of production for common products

7. Teach Green Living

Teach your children green living to help the next generation live more sustainably and tell them to pass it on to their kids

8. Eat Organic Produce

Eat organic produce that is better for your body and the earth because it has less of an impact on the environment than produce grown with pesticides

9. Conserve Water

Take 5 to 7 minute showers to conserve water, especially if you live in a drought state

10. DIY Home Products

DIY your skincare, haircare and makeup with organic and all natural ingredients to eliminate chemicals and artificial ingredients found in commercial products

11. Use Clothes Lines

Use clothes lines to save energy used by dryers

12. Walk or Ride a Bicycle

Walk or ride a bicycle whenever you can to cut down on your carbon footprint and to get some exercise at the same time

13. Plant a Garden

Plant a garden that will give off oxygen and beautify the world

14. Grow Succulents

Fill your garden with succulents! These are beautiful plants that require little water and thrive in the sun

15. Shop at Farmers Markets

Shop at farmers markets where you will find a wide array of organic fruits and vegetables that are good for the earth and your health!

16. Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Make your own all-natural cleaning products for organic cleaning that is gentle on the air, your hands, and the environment

17. Plant Bamboo

Plant bamboo in your garden, a highly sustainable grass that effectively clears the air of co2, requires very little water, and can be used in a number of household items such as brushes and even personal care products and cosmetics

18. Stay in the Know

Stay on top of the latest news in green and sustainable living so you can do your part in preserving the health of our planet!

Daniel Micksfield

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