100% Tax Refund Legally

100% Tax Refund Legally

The tax is called “Federal Income Tax” for a reason. In school we were taught to read but not to comprehend. It’s title clearly says it is a tax on “Federal income”.

How many of you tax victims have an income from the Federal government?

How many of you are in a business deal with the Federal government?

How many of you make your money from some kind of Federal privilege?

How much plainer can it get?

How many of you have been scammed into believing you owe a FEDERAL INCOME TAX?

income tax scam

Thousands of people who know how to fill out the various tax forms correctly according to this new procedure are getting 100% of their withholding back. You can see the thousands of copies of their refund checks from the Treasury Department by going to www.losthorizons.com and scrolling down. The refund checks are exceeding several billion dollars and are still being posted.

The scam is that simple words we use continually every day have been assigned special meanings just for the income tax code. By doing this it makes the average person believe that he or she is a taxpayer and is required to donate.

If you think this sounds absurd read on.- – – – Of course, if you declare under penalty of perjury that you are a taxpayer and owe the tax they will take it and may even prosecute you for stupidity if you mess up your confession.

Their meanings of four words and a short phrase are the key to the whole scam – – – – Income, wages, employee, employer, and trade or business.

overburdened tax reliefJust so you get the idea of what they have done, what follows is the meaning of “trade or business” in the tax code.- – – – You are only deemed to be in a “trade or business” if you are operating a government office. All the time I bet you thought Joe’s Tire Shop was a trade or business didn’t you? That’s not the way it is in the IRS code!

You’ll find the meanings of all those words with the backup information to prove it in the book Cracking the Code by Pete Hendrickson.

Actually the tax is a very desirable excise tax, which was only supposed to be assessed on gain from federal privilege. Since we assess ourselves in this country we have obviously been misled by the sleight-of-hand of these word games in the Internal Revenue Code.

Business is not being left out in the cold on this either. If you run your own show and have been filing and paying there are special forms that can be filled out properly to show you are not a taxpayer. You will also find copies of checks that business owners have received back with interest for money they were not really required to pay. Your tax preparers have been misled by these word games also and have not really been trying to scam you.

You have to remember they went to the same schools you and I have and they didn’t learn to comprehend what they read either.

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