10 Keys to a Powerful Prosperity

10 Keys to a Powerful Prosperity

What if you had a forever inflowing of prosperity into your life? What if there was a way to be rich without working too hard or going to a 9 to 5 job?

How would it feel to be one of the lucky ones who are learning the vital secrets to attracting unlimited useable wealth?

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There are secrets that wealthy people hold close to them and only share with family members and special friends. How would you like to discover those secrets? When you learn the secrets, you’ll naturally begin using them to create a better life for yourself and your family where your thoughts and actions can build as much prosperity as you desire.

Being in the right business at the right time is important, but prosperity is a lot more than this. As you know, there may be 50 people in real estate in your town, but maybe only one is rolling in cash. So what makes that one special? He has the keys to a powerful prosperity mindset, and he has somehow developed the feelings of success to match that. So what about all those other people who have studied and passed the real estate exams? They have gotten jobs in real estate companies but why are so few successful?

Like the top one-half percentage of people who are quickly successful, how could you be one of them?

1. Having the right attitude is important, but the keys to a great prosperity are much more.

a. Being positive is fundamental (which means to have the same attitude as you had when you knew a red wagon would be on its way on Christmas morning. You know something is coming, and you have the faith to hold a positive attitude.)

b. Avoid negative thoughts (which means – don’t think about what could go wrong. You give energy to whatever you think about whether it is positive or negative.)

c. Stop criticizing anything

d. Live in the present moment (which means – don’t agonize over the past or the future.)

2. Your mindset is the main key secret, and it becomes a steady job to upgrade your mindset to where you will be attracting the wealth into your life instead of pushing it away.

3. You must feel as if you are worthy and deserving of wealth

a. Many of us do not feel good enough, and we’ve had this condition since childhood (it is a program installed to keep us down. Kryon talks about this on his Youtube videos).

b. If you have a fear of failure, that means you are living in the past where there has been some failure or you have seen other people fail.

c. If you have worries and anxiety, that means you’re living in the future.

d. Some people even have a fear of success and fear of failure at the same time. These fears are living negative programs. Delete these negative programs.

e. You need to have quiet moments of stillness. Some people refer to this as meditation. It clears your mind. (There are dozens of teaching on ways to meditate.)

4. Be thankful for everything. Why should you be thankful for everything that you do including routine things that you must do?

a. This is a hard one to understand

b. Being grateful and thankful for everything especially the things you do not like keeps you in the present moment and is your best approach.

5. Stop judging. When we judge things bad or good, when we criticize other people’s rationale for doing what they do, in actuality we are criticizing ourselves.

You cannot attract wealth when you are complaining, judging and criticizing everything. The universe will bring to your attention even more of the same things to evaluate.

a. So if you are judging something bad or good – what do you get?

b. You get a chance to decide even more things. You get an ongoing supply of unhappy things to criticize and judge.

c. Is this any benefit to you?

d. Would you rather be in joy, happiness, and celebration?

6. Take 100% responsibility for your success or lack of success. Because it’s not:

a. Your parent’s fault

b. Not your partner or spouse’s fault

c. Not the economy

d. Not your age or education

e. Your success or failure is your responsibility

7. Write down a list of your goals and dreams as if they are already manifested

a. “I am grateful that I already have that $10,000 a month income I always wanted.”

b. “I Focus on counting my blessings.”

c. “I celebrate every small success.”

8. Focus on what is making you happy and not on always trying to make others happy

9. Pay attention to what is positive and light in your life, not on a temporary negative situation

10. Stay in the now. If you have anxiety about the future, or you are lamenting about mistakes in the past – you are not in the present moment. The now is the perfect place where you build your success, abundance, peace, and joy.

In childhood we were taught, “you must work hard!” Well, if working hard was the only main ingredients to success then ditch diggers would be very wealthy but they are not. Working hard is important in starting your own business. People beginning their own business might work 60 to 80 hours a week to avoid the 40-hour – 9 to 5 workweek job.

So you might be thinking, “What’s so great about being an entrepreneur?” Having your own business is the quickest way to making a lot of money when you follow the ten keys to great prosperity.

How do you figure out what you want to do?

What do you love to do? Do you do it very well?

Do you have a little start up cash?

Is your service or the product in demand by others? If you get a “Yes” with all these questions, then you really might make a living being your boss and furnishing the service/product to others.

Is this your mindset?

Lighten up, enjoy the journey, and connect in stillness when you have a few minutes, take several deep breaths, know that your path is divinely guided and share your abundance with others as you can.

We know several people who’ve started a successful business for $500 or less that have supported them for years.

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