Youngevity Bioavailable Liquid Vitamins and Minerals

Youngevity Bioavailable Liquid Vitamins and Minerals

Youngevity is an organization providing absorbable vitamins and nutritional supplements required by the human body to experience maximum health and longevity, enabling you to live a healthier, happier and longer life with a higher quality of life. The Youngevity line of supplements are by far some of the finest and most complete suppliers of vitamins and minerals with increased ability to access the cells of your body, unlike over-the-counter varieties which have little or no value due to their lack of absorbability. After all, what good is it to take health supplements which could not possibly benefit the human body. Choose only the best mineral supplement on the market.

Eliminating the risk of disease

Thanks to medical professionals who are willing to look outside the boundaries of traditional medicine, doctors, like Dr. Wallach recognize the benefits and impact that excellent supplementation can have on your health and wellness, even eliminating the risk of disease and the genetic decline that may be associated with normal aging.

Americans are suffering from critical malnutrition and the price to pay is inconceivable if you have discovered that human potential could easily expect a lifespan of 120 years or more. Compare that to the insanely low life expectancy you’ve believed is “normal” and the crevasse which separates these two can be bridged by a bio-available product supplementation using natural products, like Youngevity.

While Dr. Wallach supported by product lines of the caliber of Youngevity are having a marked impact on malnutrition in the world. While you might think that the cost of entry into these high-tech bioavailable health-enhancing ingredients might not be within reach, the company has created an opportunity to get these powerful supplements wholesale, and if you are willing to share this information with your friends, you could easily subsidize your nutrition, get your products free, and also have the opportunity to benefit financially. Many people who are involved in the caring and sharing of these natural health supplements have replaced the income from their day-jobs.

The proprietary processes which use organic colloidal and archaeological retrieval of trace minerals from prehistoric deposits, all suspended in liquid for superior absorption by the human body.

You probably already know that there is no better way to disseminate and distribute vitamins and minerals than suspended in liquid. Liquid vitamins/liquid minerals are the only way to go. They are easy to take each day — just put a scope into a glass of spring water twice a day!

The wide variety of products includes not just supplementation for mankind, but also man’s best friend, pets, and animals of all kinds.

To save the environment and our sacred planet earth, Youngevity helps to provide eco-friendly natural home products that cover the spectrum of household needs and applications.

If you’re interested in taking your life, health, wellness, lifespan and bank account to the next level, and getting the complete line of Youngevity products wholesale, call us at (360) 748-4426 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help Dr. Wallach walk you through the process of making your life and the world a better place for all people and God’s creatures.

Toasting your longer, healthier life with love,

~ Taylore Vance (360) 748-4426

PS: We all need these 90 minerals and vitamins every day. It is not too late to start supplementing your body and you will feel the difference within a couple weeks. These products below were formulated by a Naturopathic doctor who spent over 20 years doing autopsies of 17,500 zoo animals and 3,300 people finding that all deaths except accidents were caused or aided by a mineral deficiency.  Your body needs live food with live nutrition and you need the 90 for life — minerals, vitamins,  essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc — EVERYDAY !

Why aren’t we told about this dire need of the human body?  That’s why people are growing old and not healing!

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